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Climate Change and Clean Energy—A Survey of US Public Attitudes

Seminar Co-hosted by RFF and the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment
March 11, 2014

About the Event

A recent poll by Resources for the Future (RFF), Stanford University, and USA Today reveals American’s attitudes on climate change and issues such as clean energy, power plant emissions, and energy subsidies, to name a few. Some of the survey results were previously released by USA Today regarding climate change and the Keystone pipeline.

On March 11, RFF will present additional results from the survey and provide an in-depth discussion on what this could mean for climate policy in the United States. This event will not only offer information on American’s views as a whole but, equally important, it will also explain how these issues are viewed on a state-by-state basis. Read more about the poll.


Jon Krosnick, RFF University Fellow; Frederic O. Glover Professor in Humanities and Social Sciences at Stanford University; and Senior Fellow, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment


Phil Sharp, RFF President


Ray Kopp, RFF Senior Fellow and Director, RFF Center for Climate and Electricity Policy

Event Audio and Video

Event Audio (mp3)

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