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Climate Amenities, Climate Change, and American Quality of Life
May 19, 2011
Ryan Kellogg, University of Michigan
Event Type: Academic Seminar
A New (Economic) Approach to Environmental Technology Standards
May 12, 2011
Maria Damon, NYU
Event Type: Academic Seminar
Adding a Risk Premium to the Social Cost of Carbon
May 5, 2011
Carolyn Kousky and Roger Cooke, RFF
Event Type: Academic Seminar
Designing Markets for Pollution When Damages Vary Across Sources: Evidence from the NOx Budget Program
April 29, 2011
Meridith Fowlie, University of California, Berkeley
Event Type: Academic Seminar
Academic Seminar with Shanti Gamper-Rabindran
April 21, 2011
Shanti Gamper-Rabindran, University of Pittsburgh
Event Type: Academic Seminar
Vinaigrette or Oil and Vinegar? Comparing Public Rationales for Justice Trade-Offs in Mitigation and Adaptation Climate Policy Dilemmas
March 24, 2011
Sonja Klinsky, Cambridge Dept. of Economics
Event Type: Academic Seminar
Academic Seminar with Nancy Lutz
March 3, 2011
Nancy Lutz, NSF
Event Type: Academic Seminar
Induced Development in Risky Locations: Fire Suppression and Land Use in the American West?
February 24, 2011
Carolyn Kousky and Sheila M. Olmstead, RFF
Event Type: Academic Seminar
The Mixed History of EPA Management of Banked Emissions Allowances
December 2, 2010
Arthur G. Fraas and Nathan Richardson, RFF
Event Type: Academic Seminar
The Impact on U.S. Industries of Carbon Prices with Output-Based Rebates over Multiple Time Frames
November 23, 2010
Mun Ho and Richard D. Morgenstern, RFF
Event Type: Academic Seminar
Timing is Everything: Poverty Alleviation and the Demand for Energy-Using Assets
November 18, 2010
Catherine Wolfram, UC Berkeley
Event Type: Academic Seminar
Moving US Climate Policy Forward: Are Carbon Tax Shifts the Only Good Alternative?
November 9, 2010
Ian Perry, Senior RFF Fellow
Event Type: Academic Seminar
Learning to Live in a Global Commons: Socioeconomic Challenges for a Sustainable Environment
November 4, 2010
Simon A. Levin, RFF University Fellow
Event Type: Academic Seminar
Land Demarcation and the Role of Coordinating Institutions
October 7, 2010
Dean Lueck, University of Arizona
Event Type: Academic Seminar
Trees and Leaves: How Many Leaves Should Women Sweep?
October 5, 2010
Gardner M. Brown, RFF University Fellow, University of Washington
Event Type: Academic Seminar
Renewable Portfolio Standards, Feed-in Tariffs and Marginal Carbon Intensity
September 23, 2010
Joshua Linn, RFF
Event Type: Academic Seminar
Behavioral vs. Conventional Economics: A Methodological Review
June 10, 2010
Tim Brennan, Resources For the Future, UMDBC
Event Type: Academic Seminar
Ecosystem Services vs. Human Action: Mangroves and Storm Protection in India
May 20, 2010
Jeff Vincent, Duke
Event Type: Academic Seminar
Measuring Demand for Household Health Durables: Field-testing the Becker-Degroot-Marschak Mechanism in Northern Ghana
May 6, 2010
Raymond Guiteras, Maryland
Event Type: Academic Seminar
A Dynamic General Equilibrium Model of Driving, Gasoline Use and Vehicle Fuel Efficiency
April 29, 2010
Chao Wei, George Washington University
Event Type: Academic Seminar
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