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All academic seminars will be in RFF's 7th Floor Conference Room, located at 1616 P Street NW in Washington, DC, unless otherwise noted. See our Getting to RFF page for directions to our building. Attendance is open, but involves pre-registration no later than two days prior to the event.

For questions and to register to an event, contact Karen Furman (tel. 202-328-5061). Updates to our academic seminars schedule will be posted at

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Academic Seminar Series
Academic Seminar Series 2007
Academic Seminar with Nancy Lutz
March 3, 2011
Nancy Lutz, NSF
Event Type: Academic Seminar
Academic Seminar with Shanti Gamper-Rabindran
April 21, 2011
Shanti Gamper-Rabindran, University of Pittsburgh
Event Type: Academic Seminar
Achieving A Safe Food Supply in Increasingly Global Markets 
June 7, 2006
Event Type: First Wednesday Seminar
Related Topics: Food and Agriculture, Risk Management
Adapting to a Changing Climate: Reforming Institutions and Managing for Extremes 
April 1, 2009
Event Type: First Wednesday Seminar
Related Topics: Climate, Development and Environment, Ecosystems, Policy and Analysis, Water
Adapting to Climate Change: The Remarkable Decline in the U.S. Temperature-Mortality Relationship over the 20th Century
May 1, 2014
Olivier Deschenes, University of California, Santa Barbara
Event Type: Academic Seminar
Adding a Risk Premium to the Social Cost of Carbon
May 5, 2011
Carolyn Kousky and Roger Cooke, RFF
Event Type: Academic Seminar
Addressing the Mercury Problem  
June 15, 2004
Event Type: Conference
Related Topics: Energy, Electricity, Policy and Analysis
Addressing the Mercury Problem Speaker Bios
June 15, 2004
Event Type: Conference
After COP 9 – What Are the Next Steps?
December 9, 2003 - December 12, 2003
Agricultural Biotechnology and the Environment: Perspectives on the Next 10 Years 
February 19, 2013
Event Type: Seminar
Related Topics: Food and Agriculture, International
Agriculture, Environment and the Farm Bill  
February 7, 2007
Juha Siikamäki, Marca Weinberg, Kaush Arha, Sandra S. Batie
Event Type: First Wednesday Seminar
Related Topics: Food and Agriculture, Policy and Analysis, Ecosystems
Air Pollution and Children's Respiratory Health: A Cohort Analysis
November 29, 2012
Jay Shimshack, Tulane University
Event Type: Academic Seminar
Air Pollution Dynamics and the Need for Temporarily Differentiated Road Pricing
April 25, 2013
Jessica Coria, University of Gothenburg
Event Type: Academic Seminar
American Public Opinion on Climate Change and Its Impact on Voting in Congressional and Presidential Elections  
October 14, 2011
Jon Krosnick
Event Type: Seminar
Related Topics: Climate
An Economic Urban Growth Model with Agent-based Housing and Land Markets
March 11, 2010
Margaret Walls, Resources For the Future with Nicholas Magliocca, Virginia McConnell and Elena Safirova
Event Type: Academic Seminar
An Elaborated Proposal for Global Climate Policy Architecture
April 23, 2009
Jeff Frankel, Harvard University
Event Type: Academic Seminar
An Overview of RegData: Using Text Analysis to Develop New Measures of Federal Regulation by Industry and Year
November 20, 2012
Patrick McLaughlin, George Mason University
Event Type: Academic Seminar
Assessing China's Economic, Energy, and Resource Environment  
October 19, 2006 - October 20, 2006
Event Type: Conference
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