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Managing Tail Risks

Introduction Educational Materials Data Project Output
Ice Sheets on the Move

Workshop Presentations

These are presentations from a workshop organized by Roger Cooke and Carolyn Kousky and held at RFF in February of 2010.  The workshop was titled Climate Change and Extreme Events: Managing Tail Risks.

The Economic and Policy Consequences of Catastrophes
Robert S. Pindyck and Neng Wang

Heavy Tail and Stable Distributions
J.K. Misiewicz

The Psychology of Rare Events: Challenges to Managing Tail Risks
Elke U. Weber

Tail Risk Heuristics
Roger M. Cooke

Climate Change and Variability: Opportunities for the Insurance Industry
Craig Tillman

Climate Variability, Change and Extreme Events
Greg Holland

Heavy-tailedness and Dependence: Implications for Economic Decisions, Risk Management and Financial Markets
Rustan Ibragimov

Tail Dependence and Aggregate Losses
Harry Joe

Implications of Fat-Tail Risks for Climate Policy
Nat Keohane

Atlantic Hurricanes and Climate Change
Tom Knutson

Climate Change: Re-thinking Insurance
Neil Doherty

Assessing Risk of Climate Change: A Non-Stationary Model for Extremes and Application to Swiss Temperature Data
Valerie Chavez-Demoulin

Fat Tail Risk and Climate Policy
Alexander Golub

Applications for Modeling Climate Tail Risks: Quantifying Risk to the Firm & Evaluating Adaptation Investments
Sharlene Leurig

Surprising Tails
Gordon Woo

Climate Forcing Volcanic Eruptions: Future Extreme Event Occurence Likelihoods
Willy Aspinall

At War with the Weather and Other Extreme Events: Managing Large-Scale Risks in a New Era of Catastrophes
Howard C. Kunreuther

The National Flood Insurance Program & Catastrophes
Carolyn Kousky

Quantitative Risk Management, Heavy Tails, Tail Dependence and the Credit Crisis
Paul Embrechts 

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