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Resources for the Future scholars are engaged with the linked issues of energy and climate policy on numerous fronts. Much of the work in this area is conducted within two RFF Centers: the Center for Climate and Electricity Policy and the Center for Energy Economics and Policy. Issues studied include how to cost-effectively constrain greenhouse gas emissions and limit cost uncertainties, strategies for promoting developing country engagement in climate change mitigation, policies to reduce emissions through averted deforestation and afforestation, and the question of climate change adaptation. Additionally, RFF researchers are tackling the question of U.S. energy security by examining options for reducing U.S. dependence on oil, and exploring the environmental and economic issues surrounding greater use of natural gas.
What the Experts Say about the Environmental Risks of Shale Gas Development
A new RFF report highlights a high degree of consensus among experts from government, industry, academia, and nongovernmental organizations about the key risks associated with shale gas production and development.
The Past, Present, and Future of Carbon Markets
New research explores lessons learned to date from carbon markets around the world and presents new issues to be examined in the future, such as the linking of existing markets.
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Toward a New National Energy Policy: Assessing the Options
RFF's three-year project to analyze and assess U.S. energy options and provide tools for decision makers to use in formulating future policy choices.
Forest Carbon Initiative
A project to support the integration of forestry policy into emerging global greenhouse gas emissions markets has been launched by RFF. The work holds promise for future international climate agreements efforts to maximize sustainable development around the world.
U.S. Global Leadership Initiative
An initiative to develop new ideas for United States leadership in articulating a post-kyoto vision for international climate policy.
The Global Adaptation Atlas
This project will develop a dynamic new online tool to allow scientists, policymakers, and citizens to visualize the climate impacts likely to affect their region(s), what adaptation efforts activities are underway, and what gaps need to be filled.
Assessing the Role of Renewable Energy Policies in Landfill Gas to Energy Projects
Shanjun Li, Han Kyul Yoo, Molly Macauley, Karen Palmer, Jhih-Shyang Shih
Energy Economics | forthcoming | Related Discussion Paper 14-17
Tropical and Extratropical Cyclone Damages under Climate Change
M. Ranson, C. Kousky, M. Ruth, L. Jantarasami, A. Crimmins, and L. Tarquinio
Climatic Change | September 2014
Cap-and-Trade Programs under Delayed Compliance: Consequences of Interim Injection of Permits
Makoto Hasegawa, Stephen W. Salant
RFF Discussion Paper 12-32-REV | July 2014
Managing shoreline retreat: a US perspective
Carolyn Kousky
Climatic Change | March 2014
Regulating Greenhouse Gases in the Electricity Sector under the Clean Air Act
Joshua Linn, Erin Mastrangelo, and Dallas Burtraw
Journal of the Association for Environmental and Resource Economics | Spring/Summer 2014 | Vol. 1, No. 1/2 | pp. 97-134 | Related Discussion Paper 13-05
A Dynamic Model of Cleanup: Estimating Sunk Costs in Oil and Gas Production
Lucija Anna Muehlenbachs
RFF Discussion Paper 12-12-REV | December 2013
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