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Curbing Traffic Deaths in Developing Nations
Research Assistant Elizabeth Kopits and University Fellow Maureen Cropper contribute significantly to a new WHO/World Bank Report.
Improving Air Quality in China.
A multi-year effort to develop a cap-and-trade system in a large Chinese industrial city has set the stage for dramatic reductions in levels of air pollution caused by coal burning.
Surging Gasoline Prices
Senior Fellow Joel Darmstadter questions quick fixes for coping with high gasoline and oil prices. He puts the current price spike into a broader perspective and notes that "this too shall pass."
Valuing Health Outcomes: Policy Choices and Technical Issues
Senior Fellow Alan Krupnick examines approaches policymakers use to value health effects. Willingness-to-pay, QALY, and other valuation methods are explored in a new RFF Report.
Look beyond fuel taxes
Fuel taxes are one approach to addressing U.S. energy and transportation problems, but there are far better approaches. Senior Fellow Ian Parry promotes alternatives such as congestion pricing, pay-as-you-go insurance, and fees on diesel-fueled trucks.
Corporate Social Responsibility
Should corporations go beyond legal requirements to give back to their communities? Hear RFF President Paul Portney's RFF Seminar and see industry and academic leader's discussion at a RFF Council Meeting.
A few cents more for a cup of coffee could help preserve the world's biodiversity
RFF Researchers focus on Mexican shade-grown coffee as they develop strategies to prevent deforestation in ecologically sensitive zones.
Pricing Irrigation Water: Principles and Cases from Developing Countries
A new RFF Press book looks at pricing models in light of farm-level demand as well as a wide range of household and macroeconomic factors.
Split Estates: Finding a Workable Balance Between Surface and Sub-Surface Owners
In much of the western United States, private land is subject to legal arrangements known as “split estates,” in which landowners control what is on the surface, while others, such as energy and mining companies, own or lease the rights to underground oil, gas, and minerals.
How Should Policymakers Respond to Growing U.S. Oil Import Dependence?
In this election year, politicians on both sides are claiming to have ready answers about how to deal with growing U.S. dependence on foreign oil. RFF Senior Fellows Joel Darmstadter and Ian Parry explain why the problem is a lot more complicated than that in a new feature.
Estimating Community Economic Impacts from the Reuse of Contaminated Properties
RFF hosts a workshop to explore the challenges of measuring the economic impacts from reuse of contaminated properties.
RFF Policy Leadership Forum
James L. Connaughton, Chairman, White House Council on Environmental Quality speaks on "Attaining Productive Harmony in Environmental Policy in the 21st Century".
American Patent Policy, Biotechnology, and African Agriculture: The Case for Policy Change
Senior Fellow Michael Taylor and Jerry Cayford suggest changes that could help African farmers gain access to new technologies without undercutting the patent system.
to the Hans Landsberg Memorial Lecture
"Energy and Economics - Questions for the Future"
"The politics of American food safety"
The USDA was given a political blank check to impose new controls on the beef industry, after one domestic case of mad cow disease was discovered.
The Energy Journal: Special Issue in Honor of Hans Landsberg and Sam Schurr
RFF scholars Sam H. Schurr and Hans H. Landsberg are considered pioneers in energy economics. These men are honored by a special issue of The Energy Journal devoted to their research.
RFF joins the discussion at the COP - 9 Climate Conference
The COP-9 discussions in Milan revealed in more detail the difficulties of implementing an international agreement on global climate change.
Criticism of the administration's mercury proposal should not confuse the policy tool, emission trading, with the environmental target
Senior Fellows Dallas Burtraw and Alan Krupnick comment on the Bush's Administration's proposed changes to the Clean Air Act.
The Future of Natural Gas Markets
Now that the U.S. has experienced high natural gas prices, the quiet world of federal natural gas policy has become a lot noisier. At a recent RFF forum, National Petroleum Council and Stanford Energy Modeling Forum representatives present their views on what lies ahead. Read RFF's J.W. Anderson on the day's events and watch the conference video.
A new report on U.S. patent policy and African agriculture
Senior Fellow Michael Taylor and Jerry Cayford suggest changes that could help African farmers gain access to new technologies without undercutting the patent system.
570 items found
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