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RFF on the Grid and Renewables

Electricity WiresThe nation’s electrical network is now at the front and center of energy policy debates. From discussions of infrastructure provisions in the economic stimulus plan to broader climate and energy negotiations, it is clear that modernizing our electric transmission infrastructure will be fundamental to policy success in all of these arenas. RFF researchers have long been engaged in analysis on the electrical system, renewable fuels, and a wide range of related issues. Collected below are links to recent research and policy reports at the intersection of grid, renewable energy, and climate policy.


The Role of Transmission

State and Federal Roles in Facilitating Electricity Competition: Legal and Economic Perspectives in the Electricity Sector
Timothy J. Brennan
RFF DP 03-24 | April 2003
Download Publication (PDF)


Alleged Transmission Undersupply: Is Restructuring the Cure or the Cause?
Timothy J. Brennan
RFF DP 05-50 | October 2005
Download Publication (PDF)

Electricity Markets and Energy Security: Friends or Foes?
Timothy J. Brennan
Resources | Fall 2007/Winter 2008
Download Publication (PDF)
Green Corridors: Linking Interregional Transmission Expansion and Renewable Energy Policies
Shalini Vajjhala, Anthony Paul, Richard Sweeney, and Karen Palmer
RFF DP 08-06 | March 2008
Download Publcation (PDF)
Electricity Restructuring: What’s Gone Right? What’s Gone Wrong? Why Do  We Care?
Paul Joskow
Sixth Annual Hans Landsberg Memorial Lecture
October 1, 2008



Challenges to Siting

Siting Renewable Energy Facilities: A Spatial Analysis of Promises and Pitfalls
Shalini Vajjhala 
RFF DP 06-34 | February 2006 
Download Publication (PDF)

Quantifying Siting Difficulty: A Case Study of U.S. Transmission Line Siting
Shalini Vajjhala  and Paul S. Fischbeck
RFF DP 06-03 | February 2006 
Download Publication (PDF)

Where Do WePut All Those Windmills?
Shalini Vajjhala
Denver Post, April 3, 2006
Download Publication
Siting Critical Energy Infrastructure: An Overview of Needs and Challenges
National Commission on Energy Policy
June 2006
Siting Difficulty and Renewable Energy Development: A Case of Gridlock?
Shalini Vajjhala
Resources | Winter 2007
Download Publication (PDF)
Opposing the Chicken or Opposing the Egg?
Shalini Vajjhala
RFF Weekly Policy Commentary, July 7, 2008

Evaluating Renewables

Environmental and Technology Policies for Climate Change and Renewable Energy
RFF DP 04-05 | April 2005
Carolyn Fischer and Richard Newell
Download Publication (PDF)
  Stimulating Renewable Energy: A Green Power Initiative from New approaches on Energy & the Environment
Joel Darmstadter
New Approaches on Energy and Environment
Download Chapter (PDF)
Measuring the Contribution to the Economy of Investments in Renewable Energy: Estimates of Future Consumer Gains
Molly K. Macauley, Jhih-Shyang Shih, Emily Aronow, David H. Austin, Tom Bath, Joel Darmstadter
RFF DP 02-05 | February 2002 
Download Publication (PDF)
  The Economic and Policy Setting of Renewable Energy: Where Do Things Stand?
Joel Darmstadter
RFF DP 03-64 | December 2003
Download Publication (PDF)
Cost-Effectiveness of Renewable Electricity Policies
Karen L. Palmer, Dallas Burtraw
RFF DP 05-01 | January 2005
Download Publication (PDF)
  Renewable Sources of Electricity: Safe Bet or Tilting at Windmills?
Joel Darmstadter, Karen L. Palmer
Resources | Winter 2005
Download Publication (PDF)
Electricity, Renewables, and Climate Change: Searching for a Cost-Effective Policy
Karen Palmer and Dallas Burtraw
RFF Report | May 2004
Download Publication (PDF)
The Role of Renewable Resources in U.S. Electricity Generation: Experience and Prospects
Joel Darmstadter
Congressional Testimony | February 2001
Download Publication (PDF)
What's the Best Way to Promote Green Power? Don't Forget the Emissions Price
Carolyn Fischer and Richard Newell
Resources | Summer 2008
Download Publication (PDF)
Winner, Loser or Innocent Victim: Has Renewable Energy Performed as Expected?
James McVeigh, Dallas Burtraw, Joel Darmstadter, Karen L. Palmer
RFF DP 99-28 | March 1999, June 1999
Download Publication (PDF)

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