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Energy, Environment, and Elections
In the home stretch of the 2008 presidential race energy and environmental issues loom large. RFF University Fellow Jon Krosnick provides some valuable context for understanding this phenomenon and its implications for the policy landscape.
The Challenge of Biodiversity
RFF Fellow Juha Siikamäki discusses how economic analysis can help decisionmakers identify practical biodiversity conservation choices.
Climate Policy: Where You Stand Depends on Where You Sit
A new discussion paper by Senior Fellows Dallas Burtraw and Margaret Walls and Research Assistant Richard Sweeney indicates that a national climate policy could have significant distributional effects across regions and income groups, and analyzes different approaches policymakers can use to address those impacts.
Treating Malaria
A new RFF study, published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, offers hope that new types of treatment therapy can extend the effectiveness of anti-malarial drugs, benefiting victims of a disease that devastates countries around the world.
Outdoor Resources Review Underway
A new independent panel has been convened to review conservation, outdoor recreation, and related issues. RFF is conducting a comprehensive background study for the project to evaluate the supply of and demand for America’s outdoor resources, the value of those resources, funding trends, and emerging concerns.
Environment for Development
The EfD initiative, created to improve policymaking in developing countries, has published its first round of discussion papers.
China's Olympian Environmental Task
Unless China moves more aggressively to curb air and water pollution, it faces severe threats to health and productivity that will undermine its economic progress.
RFF Names New University Fellows
Researchers from Princeton, Ohio State, and University of Chicago Law School have been appointed as RFF’s newest University Fellows.
Space as the Canonical "Global Commons": An Introduction to its Economics
RFF Senior Fellow Molly Macauley explores the management of our most extensive resource-space-and addresses problems of space debris, planetary exploration, and airwave allocation.
What Would Environmentalists Do with ANWR?
In a July 18 article in the San Diego Union-Tribune, RFF Visiting Fellow Matthew Kotchen suggests that the potential payoff in revenues from Alaskan oil would be attractive – even to opponents of drilling.
Global Markets for Forest Carbon
In a new paper, Nigel Purvis and Erin Myers recommend ways that the international community could accelerate development of market mechanisms for forest carbon assets.
Voluntary Climate Programs: What Do They Deliver?
New research by RFF scholars finds that while voluntary programs can promote emission reductions, it would be a mistake to count on dramatic impacts.
Floodproofing the Future
The best way to reduce damage from floods is to keep people out of harm's way, argues Carolyn Kousky in a recent op-ed published in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Kousky, a new fellow, joined RFF in September.
Senate Testimony: RFF's Kopp on Implications of IEA Assessment
In testimony before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, Senior Fellow Ray Kopp outlined complementary policies needed for low-carbon energy technologies to take hold.
Transfer of Development Rights in U.S. Communities
Senior Fellows Margaret Walls and Virginia McConnell analyze programs from around the country to determine why some have succeeded and others have languished.
A Look at Lieberman-Warner
As the U.S. Senate prepares to debate America's Climate Security Act of 2008 - better known as Lieberman-Warner - RFF has prepared an on-line backgrounder on its key provisions.
A Call for U.S. Leadership on "Green" Accounting
RFF Senior Fellow Jim Boyd makes the case for developing an accounting system to monitor the "natural economy," and says removing congressional roadblocks is the first step.
Revamping Regulation
An RFF workshop bringing together government officials, economists, and legal experts launches an initiative to examine potential reforms to traditional benefit-cost analysis that would respond to concerns of critics.
Do Crises Tear the Fabric of Oil Trade?
Gilbert White Fellow Robert Weiner finds that the world oil market works differently during a crisis; trading itself is disrupted, and trading companies--the glue that holds the market together--play a diminished role.
Electricity Markets and Energy Security: Friends or Foes?
RFF Senior Fellow Timothy J. Brennan examines the extent to which overall energy security is affected by competition in the electricity sector.
570 items found
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