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What the Experts Say about the Environmental Risks of Shale Gas Development
A new RFF report highlights a high degree of consensus among experts from government, industry, academia, and nongovernmental organizations about the key risks associated with shale gas production and development.
Valuing Climate Amenities in the United States
The value of climate amenities to households may have significant implications for estimates of the costs of climate change. A new RFF discussion paper examines the possibilities in the United States.
Evaluating Approaches for Financing State Parks
In new research, RFF’s Margaret Walls finds that financially struggling state park systems are in need of a fresh approach—but that there is no “one size fits all.”
The Past, Present, and Future of Carbon Markets
New research explores lessons learned to date from carbon markets around the world and presents new issues to be examined in the future, such as the linking of existing markets.
Answering Questions about a Carbon Tax: How New Natural Gas Supplies Impact the Electricity Sector
Resources magazine: This infographic illustrates the potential revenue of a carbon tax and looks at the role natural gas plays in electricity generation.
Will Natural Gas Vehicles Be in Our Future?
Resources magazine: RFF Senior Fellow Alan Krupnick considers whether natural gas in the transportation sector will extend beyond heavy-duty vehicles in the United States.
Policy Options for Encouraging Home Energy Efficiency Improvements
New research by RFF’s Margaret Walls identifies the tradeoffs associated with choosing among loans, subsidies, and standards as policies to encourage energy efficiency improvements in homes.
Managing Water through Innovative Collaboration
Resources magazine: RFF Visiting Scholar Lynn Scarlett explains how network governance can address cross-jurisdictional water management issues in the United States.
Using Transferable Development Rights to Control Land Use
RFF’s Margaret Walls describes the virtues, and the pitfalls, of market-based programs for land conservation and discusses the lessons learned from three decades of a Maryland program.
High-Speed Rail Passions
Resources magazine: Will California’s proposed train system linking San Francisco and Los Angeles set the course for high-speed rail development across the country? RFF Senior Fellow Joel Darmstadter investigates.
Resources 2020 with Thomas C. Schelling
Video now available for "Geoengineering: Time for Some Gentle Experimentation" with Thomas C. Schelling, 2005 Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences.
Clean Air Regulations and the Electricity Sector
Resources magazine: RFF experts weigh the potential effects of historic air pollution regulations compared to those of cheap natural gas and falling demand on electricity prices and the generation mix.
The Coming US Carbon Market: Planning for Ex Post Analysis
RFF experts have developed several background memos on cap-and-trade and carbon tax systems to provide informative overviews and highlight current work, available data, and potential research limitations.
Does Speculation Drive Oil Prices?
Resources magazine: Research on the forces behind the 2004–2008 dramatic spike in oil price challenges the common perception that excessive speculation in the futures market is to blame.
US Energy Policy: A Changing Landscape
As Congress gears up to overhaul the tax code, RFF President Phil Sharp examines developments reshaping today’s energy markets and assesses whether federal incentives are cost-effectively achieving the intended results.
Protecting Coastal Environments to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Preventing the release of “blue carbon” stored in mangroves, sea grasses, and salt marshes may be an effective way to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. A new RFF report details the possibilities.
Have Questions About a Carbon Tax?
You can find answers at RFF's carbon tax FAQs, developed by the Center for Climate and Electricity Policy.
Resources 2020 with Kenneth J. Arrow
1972 Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences Kenneth J. Arrow delivered the second in a series of lectures celebrating RFF's 60th anniversary. Archived video of the event is now available.
Does Eco-Certification Pay? Costa Rica’s Blue Flag Program
RFF Senior Fellow Allen Blackman and his colleagues present some of the first evidence that eco-certification programs in developing countries can have positive impacts for both the economy and environment.
The Hidden Costs of Power: Health Effects of Coal Electricity Generation in India
Resources magazine: Emissions of particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides from coal-fired power plants are costing Indians their lives. How stringently should these pollutants be regulated, and what form should regulations take?
570 items found
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