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Uncertainty Modeling in Dose Response: Dealing with Simple Bioassay Data, and Where Do We Go from Here?
Senior Fellow Roger Cooke hosts Uncertainty Modeling in Dose Response workshop.
RFF Researchers Share in 2007 Nobel Peace Prize
Several RFF researchers have contributed to the work of the co-recipient of this year's Peace Prize, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
RGGI Auction Design
An addendum to the report "Auction Design for Selling CO2 Emissions and Allowances Under the Greenhouse Gas Initiative" contains new findings and reactions to submitted comments.
Auction Design for Selling CO2 Emission Allowances Under the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
RFF researchers Dallas Burtraw and Karen Palmer contribute to a new report on the design of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) CO2 emission allowance auction program.
Strategies for Post-Kyoto Climate Policy
RFF Fellow Joe Aldy and Board Member Robert Stavins debut a new book examining future international climate policy strategies and host a discussion on current climate policy negotiations.
Reconsidering "Conservation Reconsidered"
RFF honors John V. Krutilla, a pioneer in the field of resource economics, and discusses his continuing impact on the evolution of environmental public policy.
Compensation Rules for Climate Policy in the Electricity Sector
A new discussion paper by RFF Senior Fellows Dallas Burtraw and Karen Palmer discusses the impacts of different methods of allocating carbon emissions allowances in the electricity sector.
Rising to the Challenge
A new report led by RFF scholars Shalini Vajjhala and Alan Krupnick offers recommendations for integrating social science into the work of the National Science Foundation's (NSF) Environmental Observatories.
From Oilfields to Energy Farms
RFF Senior Fellow Roger A. Sedjo explains the varying economic and environmental implications of different categories of biofuels.
Mending Our Food Safety Net
RFF Fellow Sandra A. Hoffmann analyzes the food safety crises of the past year and calls for significant reform based on quality management.
"Ground Truthing" Policy
Fellow Shalini Vajjhala engages Pittsburgh residents in a series of map making studies to evaluate if and how mapping can facilitate public participation in environmental decision-making.
Coal within a Revised Energy Perspective
Senior Fellow Joel Darmstadter ponders the consequences for coal given recent energy market upheavals.
Key Energy Congressional Proposals Compared In New RFF Document
Researchers at RFF have prepared a detailed comparison of major market-based climate change proposals currently under consideration in the 110th Congress.
Quantifying Siting Difficulty
Fellow Shalini Vajjhala uses a case study of power lines in the U.S. to examine the difficulties associated with siting major energy facilities.
Explaining Sprawl
RFF Senior Fellows Virginia McConnell and Margaret Walls, and Elizabeth Kopits of the U.S. EPA explore the relationship between zoning and low-density suburban development.
RFF Awarded $4 Million In New Grants for Research On Public Health and Climate Policy
Grants totaling nearly $4 million have been awarded to Resources for the Future to support new research on public health issues and climate and energy policy.
Congestion Research Highlighted in Washington Post
The July 22 issue of the Washington Post features RFF research on congestion fees in Washington, DC, and provides assessments of economic and commuter impact.
Press and Policy Briefing on Just-Completed Survey of Public Acceptance of Policies to Limit Greenhouse Gas Emissions
A new survey of American attitudes toward combating global warming was released by New Scientist magazine, with support from Stanford University and RFF. The poll finds that most Americans want the government to establish regulatory mandates - so long as they don't hit consumer pocketbooks too hard.
From the Corn Belt to the Gulf: Societal and Environmental Implications of Alternative Agricultural Futures.
A briefing with the editors of a forthcoming book to be published by RFF Press.
The Endpoint Problem
In the new issue of Resources RFF Senior Fellow James Boyd calls for the development of ecological endpoints to facilitate collaboration between the natural and social sciences.
570 items found
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