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Payments for Ecosystem Services: Why Precision and Targeting Matter
Using examples from Costa Rica and Honduras, RFF Senior Fellow Allen Blackman and colleagues Francisco Alpízar and Alexander Pfaff consider how an increasingly popular natural resource conservation strategy can be refined so that it provides more bang for the buck.
New Opportunities to "See" Our Environmental Relationships
RFF Senior Fellow Molly Macauley, Fellow Shalini Vajjhala, and colleague William B. Gail discuss how our ability to visualize different environments and natural systems has evolved from static paper maps and charts to dynamic 3-D fly-bys on personal computers.
Nanotechnology and Nature
The June First Wednesday Seminar explores perspectives on how to minimize the risks that new nanotechnologies may hold while still reaping the rewards of their development
RFF Scholar Considers EPA Oversight for Nanotechnology
Senior Fellow Terry Davies authors new report released by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars' Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies.
Uncertainty and Action: Considering the IPCC Report
Senior Fellow Billy Pizer testifies before Congress on the Working Group III Fourth Assessment Report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).
RFF Announces Recipients Of Fellowship Program Awards For 2007-08 Academic Year
Nine academic fellowships and special internship awardees have been named by RFF to conduct environmental and energy research during the coming year.
Improving Public Participation along the Danube River
Resident Scholar Ruth Greenspan Bell and colleagues work with Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina to build policies, legislation, and institutions in support of environmental public participation.
Resolving Natural Resource Conflicts
The May 1st Wednesday Seminar explores perspectives on participatory management of common property resources.
A Way Forward for Earth Science
Senior Fellow Molly Macauley and other colleagues in the Earth sciences community have called for a National Earth-Information Initiative, to be implemented now and completed by 2010.
EPA Administrator Outlines Future Environmental Challenges
Stephen L. Johnson shares his perspective on the state of the environment at an RFF Policy Leadership Forum.
Biomass Energy: Biorefineries
The April 1st Wednesday seminar addresses the potential of cellulosic biomass for producing energy and transport fuels.
Lessons Learned from the EU ETS: RFF Scholars Testify before House, Senate
Senior Fellows Dallas Burtraw and Ray Kopp testify on lessons U.S. policymakers can draw from the EU's experience with its cap-and-trade program on carbon emissions.
Modeling Growth for the Nation's Capital: A Work in Transit
This workshop introduces LUSTRE, an integrated model that simulates land use, transportation, and economic activity in the Washington, DC area.
The European Union Emissions Trading Scheme: A Brief Overview
Senior Fellows Dallas Burtraw and Raymond Kopp will participate in a roundtable discussion at the Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources on Monday, March 26.
Let's Get Real on Energy Reform
RFF Senior Fellow Joel Darmstadter comments in Newsday on how President Bush and Senator Clinton's plans ignore the best way to cut our dependence on oil: a high fuel tax.
Roads, Cars, and Dollars: Economic and Policy Issues in National Initiatives to Manage Traffic Congestion
The March 1st Wednesday Seminar panel discusses the state of research, policy, and politics surrounding congestion pricing in urban areas throughout the United States
The Future of Coal in a Carbon Constrained World
RFF hosts a seminar to release a major study from MIT.
Five Recent Senate Bills Set Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Caps: Side-by-Side Comparison and Analysis
RFF Senior Fellows Ray Kopp and Billy Pizer compare and analyze attributes of the most recent Senate bills proposing mandatory GHG limits.
The Frontiers of Environmental Economics
On February 26 and 27, RFF hosts a conference with the support of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's National Center for Environmental Economics.
The Stern Review and the Economic Analysis of Climate Change
Members of the Stern Review team and outside experts discuss the first major government-sponsored benefit-cost analysis of climate change at this seminar.
570 items found
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