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Reality Check: Voluntary Environmental Programs
This seminar, based on a new RFF Press book, explores the value and cost-effectiveness of voluntary approaches, with an eye toward improving policymaking in the United States and abroad. (Video forthcoming)
RFF President Testifies on Climate Change Policy
RFF President Phil Sharp testifies before the House of Representatives' Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Energy and Air Quality, outlining a proposal for a mandatory program to address climate change.
Agriculture, the Environment, and the Farm Bill
The First Wednesday Seminar series kicks off 2007 by evaluating the Farm Bill and its possible implications for the environment.
Impact of MD Joining Greenhouse Gas Pact
RFF researchers Karen Palmer and Dallas Burtraw collaborate on a study headed by the University of Maryland's Center for Integrative Environmental Research (CIER).
Budgeting for Metro: A better approach
RFF researcher Elena Safirova comments in the Washington Business Journal about the potential unintended and unpleasant consequences of proposed Metro fare hikes.
RFF Scholar Suggests a Way Forward for Earth Science
Senior Fellow Molly Macauley and other colleagues in the Earth sciences community have called for a National Earth-Information Initiative, to be implemented now and completed by 2010.
Siting Difficulty and Renewable Energy Development: A Case of Gridlock?
Fellow Shalini Vajjhala explores how siting difficulty could impact the development of different types of renewable energy resources and constrain the implementation of policies intended to promote renewables in different regions.
Are Forests Making a Comeback?
RFF Senior Fellow Roger Sedjo and colleagues Pekka E. Kauppi and Jesse H. Ausubel talk to Resources about their paper (recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences), which offers evidence that the world's forests are gaining ground.
RFF President Briefs Senate Agriculture Committee on Energy, Oil Dependency
RFF President Phil Sharp testifies that strong, persistent policies are needed to ensure that benefits from research and technological developments in the field of energy are realized.
What Drives Telecommuting?
RFF researchers Margaret Walls, Elena Safirova and Yi Jiang find significant differences between individuals who telecommute and those who do not.
RFF Scholars Awarded Prize for Economics of Climate Change
Richard Newell and William Pizer have been awarded the Petry Research Prize for the Economics of Climate Change by the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists.
Hans Landsberg Memorial Lecture
On December 6, RFF welcomed Nobel Laureate Thomas Schelling to discuss global warming and the related science, risks, and policy options.
New Approaches on Energy and the Environment: Policy Advice for the President
Thought-provoking and targeted suggestions intended to refocus public attention on the key energy and environmental issues confronting the U.S. today.
Genetically Engineered Trees: Promise and Concerns
Transgenic trees offer potential solutions to a number of forestry problems, yet the regulatory history for these trees in the United States is very short, explains senior fellow Roger Sedjo in a new RFF Report.
Energy Independence: Fantasies, Facts, Options
Although energy independence has long been a political rallying cry, Senior Fellow Joel Darmstadter argues that independence from oil -- foreign or domestic -- is the more viable policy goal.
Assessing China's Economic, Energy, and Resource Environment
This RFF Council briefing assesses the state of progress of the world's largest nation and analyzes its impact on the global economy.
Energy Independence won't happen any time soon.
The short-term fixes won't make much difference in the way the world oil market works. Policies that could make a real difference have lead times measured in decades.
Gas Pumps and Voting Booths
The October First Wednesday Seminar explores energy and environment in the midterm elections.
Smart Growth at 10
Abstracts are due Oct. 30th for this conference on the 10-year anniversary of Maryland's Smart Growth and Neighborhood Conservation Initiative. The event is co-sponsored by RFF and the University of Maryland's Center for Smart Growth Research and Education.
Sample Representativeness
Senior Fellow Alan Krupnick and David A. Evans have released the proceedings from the workshop they hosted exploring sample representatives in stated preference surveys.
570 items found
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