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Natural Disasters and Policymaking
At April's First Wednesday Seminar, speakers discuss historical and contemporary experience with natural disasters and the challenge of hydrology in the context of policymaking.
Where Do We Put All Those Windmills?
In a Denver Post guest commentary, RFF Fellow Shalini Vajjhala argues that enthusiasm for alternative energy facilities often fails to address the issue of where we put them.
Generating Electricity in a Carbon-Constrained World
At an RFF Policy Leadership Forum, Steve Specker, President and CEO of the Electric Power Research Institute, discusses electricity-generation technologies and investment decisions in light of ongoing efforts to curb emissions of greenhouse gases.
To Avoid Doing More Harm Than Good, Land Trusts Must Consider Market Forces
RFF Fellow Jim Sanchirico shows that an understanding of local land markets is critical to effective biodiversity conservation in an article co-authored with a group of ecologists appearing in the Proceedings of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences.
Malaria among African Children: Hope for Progress Against a Growing Menace
RFF Fellow Ramanan Laxminarayan argues for globally coordinated action and fiscal support to protect the effectiveness of antimalarial drugs in the Winter 2006 issue of Resources.
Small Firms and the Environment in Developing Countries: Collective Impacts, Collective Action
RFF Fellow Allen Blackman is editor of a new publication from RFF Press.
Not a Sure Thing: Making Regulatory Choices Under Uncertainty
A new report by a team of RFF researchers, led by Senior Fellows Alan Krupnick and Richard Morgenstern, provides a case study and guidance to EPA about addressing the requirements of Circular A-4 regarding formal uncertainty analysis of regulatory proposals, and tests approaches to communicating these analyses to former EPA decisionmakers.
Making Tough Choices: Hurricane Protection Planning after Katrina and Rita
G. Edward Dickey and RFF Resident Scholar Leonard Shabman emphasize the critical importance of rigorous analysis for making tough investment choices about hurricane protection.
Moving Toward a Common Understanding of Ecosystem Services
RFF researchers Jim Boyd and Spencer Banzhaf suggest that standardized environmental accounting units will help decisionmakers better define, measure, and manage ecosystem services.
Regulation, Markets, and Choice in Metropolitan Land Use
Panelists address the impacts of land use decisions and offer perspectives on the future of planning at the March First Wednesday Seminar.
Developments in Nanotechnology
Testifying before the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, RFF Senior Fellow J. Clarence (Terry) Davies cautions that current regulatory structures are unable to manage advances in nanotechnology.
Ranking Global Concerns
Bjorn Lomborg presents his views on this contentious issue at a recent RFF seminar.
Chinas Environmental Problems and Resources for the Future
China is quickly becoming a dominant economic force worldwide in the 21st century. Rapid industrialization and social change have raised the standard of living for millions of its people, mainly in the East and Southeastern coastal provinces, who can now afford to buy washing machines, televisions, and, increasingly, cars. But what are the environmental impacts of this unprecedented economic development?
Superfund at 25: What Remains to Be Done
On its 25th anniversary, Senior Fellow Katherine N. Probst calls for greater transparency in the Superfund program. The EPA should come clean about the likely pace of Superfund cleanup and funding shortfalls and take a hard look at current activities and spending priorities.
New from RFF Press
The Winter 2006 Catalog is now available for download.
The Hungry Giant: China and Minerals
University Fellow John Tilton delivers the third annual Hans Landsberg Memorial Lecture.
U.S. Oil-Import Dependence: A Sufficient Guide to Energy Security Policy?
Senior Fellow Joel Darmstadter examines policies designed to achieve U.S. energy security goals.
Senator Jeff Bingaman speaks at RFF co-hosted COP 11/ MOP 1 side event
At the UN Climate Conference, Senator Bingaman reiterates his belief in a mandatory, economy-wide policy to limit greenhouse gas emissions.
The Debate Over CAFE
RFF senior fellow and president Paul Portney discusses automotive fuel economy policy on E&ETV News.
Post-Katrina: Getting the Incentives and Priorities Right
Senior Fellow Kate Probst and Journalist-in-Residence J.W. Anderson argue that we need to rethink the Federal response to Katrina to make sure the right questions get asked, and the right decisions are made.
570 items found
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