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Subtopic: Air Pollution 27 items found
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The Political Economy of Environmental Justice
Poor people and minorities are more likely to live in neighborhoods at greater risk of environmental hazards. In a May 25 commentary, Spencer Banzhaf discusses public policy intervention on the grounds of environmental justice.
Pricing Under Emissions Trading: An Experimental Analysis
RFF researchers went into the lab to see if actual pricing behavior in a cap-and-trade system matches the predictions of economic theory. The short answer is that it does, but only after participants gain some experience with the system.
Benefits of Regulating Electricity Pollution Outweigh Costs To New York, Nation
RFF Researchers analyze the EPA's Clean Air Interstate Rule and the Clean Air Mercury Rule, as well as variations of the policies, to determine how they compare in protecting the environment and public health of the nation in general and New York state in particular.
Despite Potential for Emissions Reductions, Challenges Confront Telecommuting Programs
RFF Scholars find cleaner cars and insufficient participation limit the environmental benefits from current programs.
Global Compensation for Oil Pollution Damages
Senior Fellow James Boyd outlines why certain provisions of this act should be emulated by other countries.
Addressing the Mercury Problem: Global Challenge, Local Impact?
Alongside carbon dioxide, NOX, and SO2, mercury is the fourth key target pollutant of coal-burning electrical power plants that might be subject to regulation pending the outcome of current congressional debate.
Improving Air Quality in China.
A multi-year effort to develop a cap-and-trade system in a large Chinese industrial city has set the stage for dramatic reductions in levels of air pollution caused by coal burning.
27 items found
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