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Subtopic: Biodiversity 10 items found
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Protecting Coastal Environments to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Preventing the release of “blue carbon” stored in mangroves, sea grasses, and salt marshes may be an effective way to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. A new RFF report details the possibilities.
Green Infrastructure: Using Natural Landscapes for Flood Mitigation and Water Quality Improvements
At a recent First Wednesday Seminar, RFF experts explored the concept of green infrastructure and examined its potential role in flood mitigation and environmental services programs. Event video and slides are now available.
Invasive Species: Impacts, Challenges, and Strategies for Management
At a recent First Wednesday Seminar, a panel of experts convened to discuss the complex ecological, economic, and policy implications of invasive species. Event video and presentations are now available.
Linking Ecological Science and Economic Preferences
In a new RFF Discussion Paper, Senior Fellows James Boyd and Alan Krupnick examine a key conceptual issue central to effective interdisciplinary collaboration between economists and ecologists.
Ecosystems and Climate: Managing Change
The challenges facing terrestrial ecosystems in a warming climate are daunting, according to an RFF Report that explores policies and perspectives on making nature more resilient in the face of climate stress.
Prioritizing Investments for Improved Biodiversity Conservation Outcomes
In a June 15 commentary, Juha Siikamäki and Stephen Newbold discuss approaches to improving the cost-effectiveness of biodiversity conservation through better prioritization of conservation alternatives.
Managing Ecosystems: A Role for Science in Federal Policy
Shoring up the nation's ecological preserves will require more input from biophysics in government decisionmaking. An RFF First Wednesday Seminar examines prospects for drawing on science to restore and protect vital ecosystems. Video and audio available.
The Challenge of Biodiversity
RFF Fellow Juha Siikamäki discusses how economic analysis can help decisionmakers identify practical biodiversity conservation choices.
The Frontiers of Environmental Economics
On February 26 and 27, RFF hosts a conference with the support of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's National Center for Environmental Economics.
To Avoid Doing More Harm Than Good, Land Trusts Must Consider Market Forces
RFF Fellow Jim Sanchirico shows that an understanding of local land markets is critical to effective biodiversity conservation in an article co-authored with a group of ecologists appearing in the Proceedings of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences.
10 items found
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