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Subtopic: Cap and trade 48 items found
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Climate Change: A Global Problem Requiring a Global Solution. Or Not...
Kathleen McGinty, Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and former chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, discussed the ability of existing approaches- such as carbon taxes, cap and trade, and corn-based ethanol- to address climate change.
Cap, Auction and Trade: Auctions and Revenue Recycling under Carbon Cap and Trade
Senior Fellow Dallas Burtraw testified before the House's Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming on the benefits of auctioning initial emission allowances.
Taking up the Slack
David Evans and Joseph Kruger discuss how the unexpected results of the Chicago volatile organic emissions cap-and-trade program can inform future emissions-trading efforts.
RGGI Auction Design
An addendum to the report "Auction Design for Selling CO2 Emissions and Allowances Under the Greenhouse Gas Initiative" contains new findings and reactions to submitted comments.
Allocation of CO2 Emissions Allowances in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Cap-and-Trade Program
RFF Researchers examine the economic consequences of different methods for allocating emissions permits under RGGI, an initiative of nine northeastern states that could eventually serve as a model for a national cap-and-trade program.
Europe Goes to Market: Opportunities and Challenges with a Trail Blazing Trading System.
Visiting Scholar Joe Kruger and Fellow Billy Pizer review the new European Emissons Trading System based on U.S. experience.
Improving Air Quality in China.
A multi-year effort to develop a cap-and-trade system in a large Chinese industrial city has set the stage for dramatic reductions in levels of air pollution caused by coal burning.
Evaluating Domestic Climate Policy Options
Cap and trade is off the table for now but concern over U.S. GHG emissions remains. Senior Fellow Ray Kopp gives an overview of the proposals and actions that are now in play.
48 items found
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