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Subtopic: Carbon sequestration 8 items found
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Why We Need Accurate Maps of the World’s Forests
Resources Magazine: RFF researchers make the case for better forest maps and the space-based technologies that can make them a reality.
Taking the Measure of Forest Carbon
Resources Magazine: A look at the Forest Carbon Index, an ambitious project integrating global datasets to illuminate the geography of the emissions offset market.
Valuing “Windows on the World”
RFF researchers look at alternative ways to measure the value of Earth observation images, including emerging applications for monitoring forest carbon.
Introducing the Forest Carbon Index
Watch a virtual presentation of RFF researchers describing an innovative project mapping the world's forest carbon resources.
'Forest Carbon Index' Maps the Geography of Climate Solutions
The innovative ‘Forest Carbon Index’ uses geospatial data to estimate each nation's potential to attract forest carbon investment based on profit potential and country-specific risk factors.
Event: Managing the World’s Forests
At a November 5th seminar, experts discussed challenges in forest data, new research, and the role of forest carbon in evolving U.S. climate change legislation. Video and audio available.
Could Uncertain Forest Inventories Hinder Carbon Markets?
Incongruities in national forest measures from across the globe could present a stumbling block for the development of international forest policy, says Paul Waggoner.
Envisioning a World Forest Observatory
A research program led by RFF seeks to devise new ways to accurately gauge four critical attributes of global forests – area, timber volume, biomass, and carbon sequestration.
8 items found
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