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Subtopic: Climate Adaptation 6 items found
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U.S. Policy Options for Adapting to Climate Change: Event Video Now Available
At the June First Wednesday seminar, RFF experts presented results from a major study detailing how the federal government can effectively address climate impacts.
Major Report On U.S. Climate Change Adaptation
The United States is ill-prepared to manage the impacts of climate change, says a new RFF study. The report provides concrete steps the federal government can take to improve the institutions, incentives, and information needed to respond to climate impacts.
Climate Impacts on Energy Markets: An Outsider's Perspective
Planners in the public and private sectors need to be aware of not only the economic policy challenges facing energy markets, Senior Fellow Tim Brennan asserts, but also the climate policies with which they have to cope.
Insuring Against Catastrophe: A Feasible Goal?
Resources Magazine: Roger Cooke and Carolyn Kousky look at the variables involved in the increasing toll of natural disasters and suggest insurance strategies, practical building measures, and public policies to deal with risks from catastrophe.
Adaptation to Climate Change: Preserving Freshwater
Severe drought, flooding, and other extreme weather events are inevitable in a changing climate. A new RFF Report finds this will require the introduction of regional plans to ensure adequate supplies of freshwater for household use, irrigation, fisheries, and recreation.
Overseeing International Forest Conservation Programs
With Congress designing plans to manage international forest conservation, a key question arises—who should be in charge? In a new issue brief, RFF’s Nigel Purvis, Ray Kopp, and Andrew Stevenson offer their suggestion.
6 items found
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