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Subtopic: Deforestation 19 items found
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Blue Carbon: A Potentially Winning Climate Strategy
Protecting coastal mangrove forests may be a highly competitive, cost-effective approach for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, according to a recent study by experts from RFF and the University of California, Davis.
How the United States Can Support REDD+ Programs
Efforts to reduce deforestation in developing tropical countries continue to provide promising opportunities to limit greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions while simultaneously addressing development concerns.
U.S. Policy Options for Reducing Tropical Deforestation: What Can be Done?
In a new Discussion Paper, RFF scholars propose a “whole-of-government” approach for slowing and reversing tropical forest loss to engage the full suite of policy levers in the federal government.
Congressional Perspectives on Tropical Forest Conservation
A new Issue Brief by researchers from RFF and Climate Advisers details the results of a February 2011 survey of key congressional staff, examining attitudes and perspectives about tropical forest conservation.
Tracking Trees and Change
Reducing deforestation and forest degradation (REDD) — a critical step toward halting climate change — requires multiple tools to track changes in the forest, the land, and the global marketplace. Panelists at a recent RFF seminar highlighted innovative forest carbon supply tools that are now available and defined the role for such tools in the international REDD process.
REDD+ Credits: Feasible Supply Less Than Expected
With expectations high over the prospect of REDD+ in the next few years, a new RFF Issue Brief finds the feasible potential of these credits is actually much lower than some models predict.
Why We Need Accurate Maps of the World’s Forests
Resources Magazine: RFF researchers make the case for better forest maps and the space-based technologies that can make them a reality.
Taking Stock of the Biomass Crop Assistance Program
RFF Senior Fellow Roger Sedjo finds that the impacts of a new federal biomass program on wood growers and processors may not be clear-cut.
Valuing “Windows on the World”
RFF researchers look at alternative ways to measure the value of Earth observation images, including emerging applications for monitoring forest carbon.
Balancing Conservation and Development
New research highlights the economics of critical developing world issues such as deforestation and water supply.
Introducing the Forest Carbon Index
Watch a virtual presentation of RFF researchers describing an innovative project mapping the world's forest carbon resources.
Taking a Census of the World’s Forests
Can satellite imagery provide improved measurements of global forests? A new RFF Report asserts that space-based observations will give us the best—and most timely—data on forest inventory.
'Forest Carbon Index' Maps the Geography of Climate Solutions
The innovative ‘Forest Carbon Index’ uses geospatial data to estimate each nation's potential to attract forest carbon investment based on profit potential and country-specific risk factors.
Event: Managing the World’s Forests
At a November 5th seminar, experts discussed challenges in forest data, new research, and the role of forest carbon in evolving U.S. climate change legislation. Video and audio available.
Could Uncertain Forest Inventories Hinder Carbon Markets?
Incongruities in national forest measures from across the globe could present a stumbling block for the development of international forest policy, says Paul Waggoner.
Ecosystems and Climate: Managing Change
The challenges facing terrestrial ecosystems in a warming climate are daunting, according to an RFF Report that explores policies and perspectives on making nature more resilient in the face of climate stress.
Overseeing International Forest Conservation Programs
With Congress designing plans to manage international forest conservation, a key question arises—who should be in charge? In a new issue brief, RFF’s Nigel Purvis, Ray Kopp, and Andrew Stevenson offer their suggestion.
Strengthening the Role of Forests in Climate Policy
A new study from the RFF Forest Carbon Initiative outlines approaches for using marketable carbon credits to curb deforestation in developing nations.
Coffee Eco-certification: A Boon for the Environment?
Advocates claim that eco-certification of coffee, which is increasingly common, discourages growing practices that pollute water and degrade soil and biodiversity. A new RFF Discussion Paper assesses whether a Costa Rican certification program actually has such benefits.
19 items found
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