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Subtopic: Energy Security 29 items found
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Gas Pumps and Voting Booths
The October First Wednesday Seminar explores energy and environment in the midterm elections.
Bite the Barrel
Visiting Scholar Heather L. Ross proposes an "Oil Freedom Fund" to advance energy security by taxing domestic oil production to develop new oil-saving technologies.
Energy Policy in the Modern Era: Tough Challenges Lie Ahead
In this Resources special report, RFF researchers examine the key energy options and assess how each stacks up in availability, environmental and technological considerations, international security, and cost projections.
Alaska to the Rescue?
ANWR and other reflections on U.S. oil import dependence by Senior Fellows Joel Darmstadter and Ian Parry
Winning the Oil Endgame
Amory B. Lovins, CEO, Rocky Mountain Institute, will speak at the RFF Policy Leadership Forum Tuesday, September 21, at 11 a.m.
Oil Prices Keep Swinging: The Search For Stability
Consumers and politicians complain bitterly when oil prices bounce upward, but the remedies all seem to lie decades in the future.
Securing Our Future: The Economics and Ecology of Coal.
James Rogers, Chairman and CEO of Cinergy, speaks at the RFF Policy Leadership Forum on May 18.
How Should Policymakers Respond to Growing U.S. Oil Import Dependence?
In this election year, politicians on both sides are claiming to have ready answers about how to deal with growing U.S. dependence on foreign oil. RFF Senior Fellows Joel Darmstadter and Ian Parry explain why the problem is a lot more complicated than that in a new feature.
The Energy Journal: Special Issue in Honor of Hans Landsberg and Sam Schurr
RFF scholars Sam H. Schurr and Hans H. Landsberg are considered pioneers in energy economics. These men are honored by a special issue of The Energy Journal devoted to their research.
29 items found
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