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Subtopic: Europe 6 items found
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How Much Should Cigarettes Cost?
Commentary: Sijbren Cnossen looks at the economics of how governments should tax tobacco, comparing policy choices in the E.U. and U.S.
Utilizing Geomapping Technologies
An RFF seminar showcases satellite images of Earth coupled with spatial data that is providing new insights into environmental trends – from climate change to public health to ecosystem management.
Building Trans-Atlantic Consensus: The U.S.-EU Climate Policy Dialogue
With international climate negotiations just seven months away, negotiators across the globe are working to sort out the details of a new treaty. European Union and U.S. climate leaders marked Earth Day with a discussion of international climate relations.
Slouching Towards Copenhagen?
An RFF seminar analyzes the stumbling blocks ahead for the international community as it seeks to negotiate a sweeping new global climate agreement.
Improving Public Participation along the Danube River
Resident Scholar Ruth Greenspan Bell and colleagues work with Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina to build policies, legislation, and institutions in support of environmental public participation.
Europe Goes to Market: Opportunities and Challenges with a Trail Blazing Trading System.
Visiting Scholar Joe Kruger and Fellow Billy Pizer review the new European Emissons Trading System based on U.S. experience.
6 items found
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