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Subtopic: Gasoline 7 items found
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Speculators and Oil Prices: What Do We Know and What Should We Do?
At a recent First Wednesday Seminar, a panel of experts examined the role of speculation in rising gas prices and discussed the ongoing process of oil market reform. Event slides and video are now available.
Applying Yesterday's Lessons to Tomorrow's Energy Policy
Weathervane: RFF President Phil Sharp testified yesterday before a Senate committe saying that the present energy landscape bears strong resemblance to that of the 1970's.
The Case for Higher Fuel Taxes
Increasing taxes on gasoline and diesel to more than $1 a gallon would produce multiple benefits, according to a new paper by Ian Parry.
Price Breaks and Priuses
Government tax incentives helped drive U.S. sales of hybrid cars, but with the credits due to expire in 2010, RFF Fellow Shanjun Li asks whether they still make sense.
Foreign Oil: The Same Price, But More Costly
Although domestic and foreign oil looks the same to the consumer, the instability of foreign suppliers carries hidden external costs.
How Regressive is the Gas Tax?
In a June 22 policy commentary, Sarah West looks at the burden that gas taxes place on low-income households.
Gas Pumps and Voting Booths
The October First Wednesday Seminar explores energy and environment in the midterm elections.
7 items found
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