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Subtopic: Global Trade 9 items found
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Resources Magazine: Ensuring Competitiveness under a US Carbon Tax
Tax exemptions, industry rebates, and border tax adjustments can help protect the competitiveness of industries affected by a carbon tax, but they are not equally efficient at achieving economic and environmental goals. In the latest issue of Resources, RFF scholars Carolyn Fischer, Richard Morgenstern, and Nathan Richardson examine the issues.
Embracing Green-Growth Diplomacy
With the world gearing up for another round of international climate negotiations, RFF Visiting Scholar Nigel Purvis says it is time to jumpstart the transition to low emissions development by reinventing global climate diplomacy.
Climate, Trade, and International Interconnectivity
A new RFF Discussion Paper takes a closer look at the intersection of domestic climate change policies and international trade.
Using Labels to Sow the Seeds for Better Products
For markets such as fruits and vegetables, country labeling and minimum standards could boost profits and quality.
Do Ecolabels Really Have Environmental Benefits?
A new study looks at the growing trend in socially-responsible product certification, finding limited evidence that these labels boost environmental or socioeconomic benefits.
Estimating the Cost of Oil Price Shocks
Nonresident Fellow Stephen P. A. Brown and Stanford economist Hillard G. Huntington explore the security externalities that arise from oil disruptions and show what a policy to integrate these costs into the market might look like.
Oil Prices: Care to Speculate?
Commentary: James L. Smith asks whether the dramatic oil price shock experienced in 2008 can be explained by market fundamentals or if speculative forces were at work.
Foreign Oil: The Same Price, But More Costly
Although domestic and foreign oil looks the same to the consumer, the instability of foreign suppliers carries hidden external costs.
Can Catch Shares Save Fisheries?
In a May 18 commentary, Christopher Costello and Steven Gaines discuss issues in the design of catch shares and experience with this policy to date.
9 items found
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