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Subtopic: Natural gas 12 items found
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US Shale Gas Development in Review
The United States has seen rapid recent development of shale gas. What are the factors behind the notable growth in the past decade? And what does it mean for shale gas development elsewhere in the world? RFF scholars Alan Krupnick and Zhongmin Wang examine the history of the US shale gas boom in a new RFF discussion paper.
What the Experts Say about the Environmental Risks of Shale Gas Development
A new RFF report highlights a high degree of consensus among experts from government, industry, academia, and nongovernmental organizations about the key risks associated with shale gas production and development.
Answering Questions about a Carbon Tax: How New Natural Gas Supplies Impact the Electricity Sector
Resources magazine: This infographic illustrates the potential revenue of a carbon tax and looks at the role natural gas plays in electricity generation.
Will Natural Gas Vehicles Be in Our Future?
Resources magazine: RFF Senior Fellow Alan Krupnick considers whether natural gas in the transportation sector will extend beyond heavy-duty vehicles in the United States.
Clean Air Regulations and the Electricity Sector
Resources magazine: RFF experts weigh the potential effects of historic air pollution regulations compared to those of cheap natural gas and falling demand on electricity prices and the generation mix.
Managing the Risks of Shale Gas: Identifying a Pathway toward Responsible Development
Experts discussed technical processes, policies, and more at the launch of the Center for Energy Economics and Policy’s initiative to identify how government and industry can responsibly develop shale gas. Event video, audio, and presentations are now available.
Will Natural Gas Vehicles Be in Our Future?
A new RFF Issue Brief explains that heavy-duty trucks running on liquefied natural gas can reduce oil consumption and carbon dioxide emissions with reasonably competitive cost-effectiveness.
RFF Policy Leadership Forum: John Rowe
The Exelon CEO discussed recent trends affecting the relative cost-effectiveness of different strategies for reducing emissions from the power sector.
Event: A Natural Gas Revolution?
Our expert panel discusses how recent advances in shale gas recovery technology will shape energy and climate policy in the coming decades. Video, audio, and presentation available.
Report: Natural Gas Could Bridge the Gap to a Low-Carbon Future
Abundant new natural gas supplies can help the United States achieve low-carbon goals, but only if coupled with effective climate policies, according to new findings by RFF researchers.
to the Hans Landsberg Memorial Lecture
"Energy and Economics - Questions for the Future"
The Future of Natural Gas Markets
Now that the U.S. has experienced high natural gas prices, the quiet world of federal natural gas policy has become a lot noisier. At a recent RFF forum, National Petroleum Council and Stanford Energy Modeling Forum representatives present their views on what lies ahead. Read RFF's J.W. Anderson on the day's events and watch the conference video.
12 items found
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