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Subtopic: Nuclear energy 7 items found
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America’s Nuclear Future: Q&A with RFF President Phil Sharp
RFF President Phil Sharp discusses how recent events in Japan might affect the development of nuclear energy in the United States.
RFF Policy Leadership Forum: John Rowe
The Exelon CEO discussed recent trends affecting the relative cost-effectiveness of different strategies for reducing emissions from the power sector.
Applying Yesterday's Lessons to Tomorrow's Energy Policy
Weathervane: RFF President Phil Sharp testified yesterday before a Senate committe saying that the present energy landscape bears strong resemblance to that of the 1970's.
Event: Sen. Alexander on the Perils of Energy Sprawl
In remarks at an October 5th Policy Leadership Forum, Senator Lamar Alexander discussed the land use costs of renewable energy production and why he believes nuclear power should play a major role in America’s energy future. Video available.
Harnessing New Electric Technologies to Curb CO2 Emissions
Analysis released at an RFF briefing by the Electric Power Research Institute’s Prism and MERGE projects suggests that diverse electricity technologies could meet the dual challenges of satisfying demand growth and constraining CO2 emissions, while also limiting increases in electricity costs. Video and audio available.
Finding Climate Mitigation Technologies That Work
Designing clean-energy technology policies to "decarbonize" major economies will require both a strong pricing signal as well as removal of policy barriers that inhibit R&D. In an RFF Issue Brief, Carolyn Fischer explores the tradeoffs.
Managing Problems That Won't Go Away
The June First Wednesday Seminar explores the pitfalls encountered when applying familiar regulatory tools to issues like Yucca Mountain, cleanup of Department of Energy nuclear production facilities, and Superfund and discusses alternative approaches to policy design.
7 items found
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