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Forest Carbon Literacy Lacking in Congress
A new RFF survey of congressional climate staffers finds most are uninformed about the role of forest carbon in international climate negotiations and many believe the issue lacks both a domestic political constituency and champions on the Hill.
Envisioning a World Forest Observatory
A research program led by RFF seeks to devise new ways to accurately gauge four critical attributes of global forests – area, timber volume, biomass, and carbon sequestration.
Considering Satellite-Collected Solar Power
Touted as an abundant source of “green” energy by proponents and derided as a sci-fi fantasy by skeptics, capturing solar energy from space has re-entered the global energy discussion. In this RFF Policy Commentary, Molly Macauley and Jhih-Shyang Shih take a closer look at the costs and benefits of satellite-collected solar power.
Pricing Under Emissions Trading: An Experimental Analysis
RFF researchers went into the lab to see if actual pricing behavior in a cap-and-trade system matches the predictions of economic theory. The short answer is that it does, but only after participants gain some experience with the system.
Strengthening the Role of Forests in Climate Policy
A new study from the RFF Forest Carbon Initiative outlines approaches for using marketable carbon credits to curb deforestation in developing nations.
The Impact of Pricing Carbon on U.S. Industry
In a broad survey of American industries, researchers at RFF have estimated the impacts on costs and jobs of a climate policy that imposes a price on carbon emissions. While they find the effect on most industries is modest, several energy-intensive industries suffer larger short-term costs that lessen over time.
Treasury Secretary Paulson on Climate Policy
In remarks at an RFF Policy Leadership Forum January 12, Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson, Jr., endorsed market mechanisms to deal with global climate change and suggested that the U.S. would benefit from a regulatory arrangement that uses price signals to limit carbon dioxide emissions. Video, audio and transcript available.
Markets for Forest Carbon: New Research Announced
A project to support the integration of forestry policy into emerging global greenhouse gas emissions markets has been launched by RFF. The work holds promise for future international climate agreements efforts to maximize sustainable development around the world.
The Geography of Ecosystem Services
The information used to measure the conventional economy doesn’t capture the free public goods provided by natural systems, such as wetlands. RFF Senior Fellow Jim Boyd delves into this “missing economy of nature” and examines the essential role of geography in the study of ecosystem services.
Reshaping Government to Address Climate Policy
Will wholesale government restructuring be needed to deal with the complex questions around climate change in the Obama Administration? A December 3 RFF roundtable addressed this topic in a discussion encompassing regulation, diplomacy and international engagement, science and information, and economic policy. Video and audio available.
The Emergence of Land Markets in Africa
High poverty rates and the need for increased agricultural pro­ductivity remain acute in rural areas across sub-Saharan Africa. A new book from RFF Press marks the first systematic attempt to address emerging land markets in Africa and their implications for poverty, equity, and efficiency.
Assessing EIA Track Record on Energy Demand Forecasts
In a new paper, RFF Senior Fellows Carolyn Fischer and Richard Morgenstern and Research Assistant Evan Herrnstadt examine the accuracy of Energy Information Administration projections of U.S. energy demand.
Consumption, Happiness and Climate Change
Lessons from the economics of happiness, says RFF Senior Fellow and Vice President for Research Mark Cohen, suggest that when it comes to climate change, there’s room for optimism.
Obama on Energy Policy
In 2005, Barack Obama gave his first major speech on energy policy after his election to the Senate before an RFF Policy Leadership Forum audience. Video and a transcript of his address are available.
What's the Best Way to Promote Green Power?
There are many ways to expand renewable energy, but broad-based policies like emissions prices are still the most cost-effective, say RFF Senior Fellow Carolyn Fischer and RFF University Fellow Richard Newell.
Toward a New National Energy Policy
RFF begins a three-year project to analyze and assess U.S. energy options and provide tools for decision makers to use in formulating future policy choices.
Economics and Conservation in the Tropics
Economists and ecologists evaluate the role of economic analysis as a conservation tool in developing countries. Workshop papers available.
Sixth Annual Hans Landsberg Lecture: Paul Joskow
The Sloan Foundation president describes recent changes in the structure of the U.S. electricity market and discusses how its reorganization could affect utilities and consumers as well as environmental policies, especially climate change.
A Tax-Based Approach to Slowing Global Climate Change
New research by RFF Fellow Joseph Aldy and Senior Fellow Ian Parry, together with Eduardo Ley of The World Bank, shows that a strong case can be made for carbon taxes over a cap-and-trade system on uncertainty, fiscal, and distributional grounds, though this critically hinges on policy specifics and how revenues are used.
Tropical Mixed Agroforestry: Understanding the Drivers of Land Use Change
A detailed analysis by RFF Senior Fellow Allen Blackman and colleagues indicates that efforts to conserve ecologically-valuable mixed agroforestry systems should be tailored to individual settings in order to be most successful.
305 items found
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