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Subtopic: Regulation 59 items found
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Fat Tails, Weather, and Risk Management
New papers assess the challenges posed by climate change to policy decisions, including risk estimates from severe weather and other natural disasters.
State-Federal Climate Roles: Bridging the Gaps
An RFF policy conference looks at ways to accommodate new federal climate initiatives and existing state-level policies – and avoid imposition of pre-emptive actions by overlapping jurisdictions.
Treasury Secretary Paulson on Climate Policy
In remarks at an RFF Policy Leadership Forum January 12, Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson, Jr., endorsed market mechanisms to deal with global climate change and suggested that the U.S. would benefit from a regulatory arrangement that uses price signals to limit carbon dioxide emissions. Video, audio and transcript available.
Reshaping Government to Address Climate Policy
Will wholesale government restructuring be needed to deal with the complex questions around climate change in the Obama Administration? A December 3 RFF roundtable addressed this topic in a discussion encompassing regulation, diplomacy and international engagement, science and information, and economic policy. Video and audio available.
Assessing EIA Track Record on Energy Demand Forecasts
In a new paper, RFF Senior Fellows Carolyn Fischer and Richard Morgenstern and Research Assistant Evan Herrnstadt examine the accuracy of Energy Information Administration projections of U.S. energy demand.
Sixth Annual Hans Landsberg Lecture: Paul Joskow
The Sloan Foundation president describes recent changes in the structure of the U.S. electricity market and discusses how its reorganization could affect utilities and consumers as well as environmental policies, especially climate change.
Climate Policy: Where You Stand Depends on Where You Sit
A new discussion paper by Senior Fellows Dallas Burtraw and Margaret Walls and Research Assistant Richard Sweeney indicates that a national climate policy could have significant distributional effects across regions and income groups, and analyzes different approaches policymakers can use to address those impacts.
Revamping Regulation
An RFF workshop bringing together government officials, economists, and legal experts launches an initiative to examine potential reforms to traditional benefit-cost analysis that would respond to concerns of critics.
Global Compensation for Oil Pollution Damages
Senior Fellow James Boyd outlines why certain provisions of this act should be emulated by other countries.
Genetically Engineered Trees: Promise and Concerns
Transgenic trees offer potential solutions to a number of forestry problems, yet the regulatory history for these trees in the United States is very short, explains senior fellow Roger Sedjo in a new RFF Report.
Sample Representativeness
Senior Fellow Alan Krupnick and David A. Evans have released the proceedings from the workshop they hosted exploring sample representatives in stated preference surveys.
Managing Problems That Won't Go Away
The June First Wednesday Seminar explores the pitfalls encountered when applying familiar regulatory tools to issues like Yucca Mountain, cleanup of Department of Energy nuclear production facilities, and Superfund and discusses alternative approaches to policy design.
Regulating the Electricity Markets: Time to Reconsider?
Peter VanDoren, editor of Regulation magazine, speaks at the April RFF First Wednesday Seminar.
Addressing the Mercury Problem: Global Challenge, Local Impact?
Alongside carbon dioxide, NOX, and SO2, mercury is the fourth key target pollutant of coal-burning electrical power plants that might be subject to regulation pending the outcome of current congressional debate.
Curbing Traffic Deaths in Developing Nations
Research Assistant Elizabeth Kopits and University Fellow Maureen Cropper contribute significantly to a new WHO/World Bank Report.
"The politics of American food safety"
The USDA was given a political blank check to impose new controls on the beef industry, after one domestic case of mad cow disease was discovered.
Facing Challenges: the Environmental Protection Agency
RFF President and Senior Fellow Paul Portney comments on the issues faced by EPA following the resignation of EPA Administrator Christie Whitman.
Food Safety Research Consortium
RFF and other leading research institutions begin their efforts to develop tools for a more science- and risk-based food safety system.
Electricity Markets and Public Policy
RFF Senior Fellows Timothy Brennan and Karen Palmer analyze U.S. electricity markets and policy.
59 items found
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