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Subtopic: Renewable and Clean Energy 7 items found
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Policy Options for Encouraging Home Energy Efficiency Improvements
New research by RFF’s Margaret Walls identifies the tradeoffs associated with choosing among loans, subsidies, and standards as policies to encourage energy efficiency improvements in homes.
Understanding Important Elements of a Clean Energy Standard
Policy design, electricity price implications, and regional impacts were among the topics discussed at a recent RFF/EPA workshop on clean energy standards. Event summary and presentations are now available.
Coordinating Global Economic Development Strategies to Combat Climate Change
A new RFF Discussion Paper says that the creation of a semiformal international coordinating entity could enrich country-specific low emissions development activities by building knowledge and capacity as well as enhancing the scale and predictability of funds.
RFF Analyzes CES in Response to Senate White Paper Questions
RFF experts submitted key findings from their research and modeling in response to Senate questions on a Clean Energy Standard (CES).
Sixth Annual Hans Landsberg Lecture: Paul Joskow
The Sloan Foundation president describes recent changes in the structure of the U.S. electricity market and discusses how its reorganization could affect utilities and consumers as well as environmental policies, especially climate change.
Can We Green the Grid?
RFF researchers analyze the chicken-and-egg relationship between Renewable Portfolio Standards and federal transmission corridors to identify potential policy conflicts and opportunities for coordination.
Energy Policy in the Modern Era: Tough Challenges Lie Ahead
In this Resources special report, RFF researchers examine the key energy options and assess how each stacks up in availability, environmental and technological considerations, international security, and cost projections.
7 items found
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