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Subtopic: Voluntary Programs 8 items found
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Does Eco-Certification Pay? Costa Rica’s Blue Flag Program
RFF Senior Fellow Allen Blackman and his colleagues present some of the first evidence that eco-certification programs in developing countries can have positive impacts for both the economy and environment.
Voluntary Brownfields Certification Programs and Property Values
Many studies of brownfields highlight the benefits of cleanup to the site itself. RFF Fellow Joshua Linn looks at the effects of voluntary certification programs on neighboring property values.
Cutting Plastic Pollution with a Levy on Bags
In a new paper from the Environment for Development initiative, authors Johane Dikgang and Martine Visser look at plastic bag regulation in Botswana – and whether or not it is working.
Do Ecolabels Really Have Environmental Benefits?
A new study looks at the growing trend in socially-responsible product certification, finding limited evidence that these labels boost environmental or socioeconomic benefits.
U.S. Land Retirement Programs Harvest Benefits
Jeffrey Ferris and Juha Siikamäki review the history and outcomes of the Conservation Reserve Program and Wetlands Reserve Program.
Voluntary Environmental Regulation in Colombia
In a recent RFF Report, Senior Fellow Allen Blackman and his colleagues examine voluntary environmental agreements in Colombia, finding that although they have had limited environmental benefits, they have helped build capacity in environmental management.
What Drives Participation in State Voluntary Cleanup Programs?
In a new discussion paper, authored by RFF Senior Fellow Allen Blackman, University of Michigan Professor Thomas P. Lyon, Virginia Tech Associate Professor Kris Wernstedt, and RFF Research Associate Sarah Darley, analysis of an Oregon program sheds light on state efforts to remediate properties contaminated with hazardous waste.
Corporate Social Responsibility
Should corporations go beyond legal requirements to give back to their communities? Hear RFF President Paul Portney's RFF Seminar and see industry and academic leader's discussion at a RFF Council Meeting.
8 items found
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