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  An Introduction to Climate Change Legislation

Table of Contents | Foreword | Preface | Executive Summary | Overview 
Contributors | Participants and Staff

A report summarizing work at RFF as part of the inter-industry U.S. Climate Policy Forum

From the Participants:

We are a few of the many companies that could be significantly affected by future efforts to manage the challenging risks of global climate change. We have a deep interest in finding effective approaches and in playing a constructive role. We therefore welcomed the opportunity to join with colleagues from across a wide spectrum of U.S. industry and with the world-class economists at Resources for the Future (RFF) in a frank and detailed exploration of the many issues that arise in designing effective climate policies for our nation to address this global issue. This report by RFF scholars summarizes the fruits of that exploration and the insights that emerged from months of lengthy discussion and detailed analyses. We hope this report informs policymakers and others engaged in policy discussions regarding these extremely complex issues. This hope motivated the entire project.

We entered into this process with a diverse set of views - and our views have remained diverse. Some of us, for example, support or do not oppose policy measures to limit greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the United States; others instead emphasize policy measures to stimulate investment in new technology; some support both of these; and still others have not taken a policy position. Our purpose was neither to reach consensus on nor to advocate for any particular policy direction. Instead, it was to learn from each other and to enhance the policy-relevance of the information provided in this report by contributing our diverse perspectives and real-world expertise. Although our input helped identify which topics became the subjects of these issue briefs, and our comments on the substance of the briefs contributed to their revision, readers should not attribute to any of us support or opposition toward particular policy options or statements based on this report.

We thank our colleagues at RFF for providing a forum to articulate concerns and questions about climate policy, for the independence and depth of their analyses, and for their enthusiasm for engaging a diverse set of views. This has been a useful and informative process for us. We believe it exemplifies constructive, thoughtful, and participatory engagement. This collaborative spirit is essential if our country is to reach consensus on a common strategy for addressing GHG concerns and the serious energy, environmental, and economic challenges that lie ahead.

American Honda Motor Company, Inc.
Caterpillar Inc.
Cargill, Incorporated
Chrysler LLC
CONSOL Energy Inc.
Cummins Inc.
The Dow Chemical Company
Duke Energy
Edison International


El Paso Corporation
Exelon Corporation
Ford Motor Company
General Electric Company
Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Nucor Steel
Southern Company
Toyota Motor North America, Inc.
YRC Worldwide Inc.


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