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Nanotechnology and Risk
J. Clarence Davies
Resources | Summer 2009 (172)
Resources 172 - Summer 2009
Phil Sharp, Roger M. Cooke, Carolyn Kousky, J. Clarence Davies, Sandra A. Hoffmann
Resources | Summer 2009 (172)
Oversight of Next Generation Nanotechnology
J. Clarence Davies
Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars | April 2009
Developments in Nanotechnology
J. Clarence Davies
U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce Science & Transportation | February 15, 2006
Lessons from the Case Studies
Winston Harrington, Richard D. Morgenstern, Thomas Sterner, and J. Clarence (Terry) Davies
Choosing Environmental Policy: Comparing Instruments and Outcomes in the United States and Europe | Winston Harrington, Richard D. Morgenster, and Thomas Sterner, eds. | RFF Press | 2004 | Chapter 12
Reforming Permitting
J. Clarence Davies, Robert Hersh, Aracely Alicea, Ruth Greenspan Bell
RFF Report | December 2001
The Possible Elevation of U.S. EPA to Cabinet Status
J. Clarence Davies
Subcommittee on Regulatory Affairs, Committee on Government Operations, U.S. House of Representatives | September 20, 2001
Regulating Government
J. Clarence Davies, Katherine N. Probst
RFF Discussion Paper 01-29 | September 2001
Testimony on Comparative Risk Assessment (CRA)
J. Clarence Davies
Committee on Enviornmental & Public Works, U.S. Senate | July 27, 2000, and October 3, 2000
Environmental Implications of the Tourism Industry
J. Clarence Davies, Sarah Cahill
RFF Discussion Paper 00-14 | March 2000
Environmental Implications of the Foodservice and Food Retail Industries
J. Clarence Davies, David M. Konisky
RFF Discussion Paper 00-11 | March 2000
Environmental Implications of the Health Care Service Sector
J. Clarence Davies, Adam Lowe
RFF Discussion Paper 00-01 | October 1999
Public Participation in Environmental Decision-Making and the Federal Advisory Committee Act
J. Clarence Davies
Government Reform and Oversight Committee, U.S. House of Representatives | July 14, 1998
Pollution Control in United States
J. Clarence Davies and Jan Mazurek
RFF Press | 1998
Critically Evaluating America's Pollution Control System
J. Clarence Davies
Resources | Winter 1998 (130)
What Works and What Doesn't: Voluntary Programs in the U.S. and Europe
Robert Hersh, Daniel Beardsley, and Terry Davies
Environment | September 1997
Regulating Pollution
J. Clarence Davies and Jan Mazurek
RFF Press | 1997
Social Values in Environmental Regulation
Robert Hersh, Terry Davies, and Jan Mazurek
Regulating Pollution: Does the U.S. System Work? | Terry Davies and Jan Mazurek, eds. | Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press | 1997
Getting the City on the Hill to Shine: D.C.'s Environmental Priorities
J. Clarence Davies, Nicole Darnall
Resources | Fall 1996 (125)
Environmental Priorities for the District of Columbia: A Report to the Summit Fund
J. Clarence Davies, Nicole Darnall
RFF Discussion Paper 97-04 | November 1996
47 items found
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