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Subtopic: Carbon sequestration 24 items found
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Wood Bioenergy and Land Use: A Challenge to the Searchinger Hypothesis
Roger A. Sedjo, Brent L. Sohngen, Anne Riddle
RFF Discussion Paper 13-33 | November 2013
Blue Carbon: Coastal Ecosystems, Their Carbon Storage, and Potential for Reducing Emissions
Juha Siikamaki, James N. Sanchirico, Sunny Jardine, David McLaughlin, and Daniel Morris
Environment | November/December 2013
Comparative Life Cycle Assessments: Carbon Neutrality and Wood Biomass Energy
Roger A. Sedjo
RFF Discussion Paper 13-11 | April 2013
Forest Carbon Economics: What We Know, What We Do Not, and Whether it Matters
Molly K Macauley and Nathan Richardson
Climate Change Economics | December 2012 | Vol. 3, No.4
Blue Carbon: Global Options for Reducing Emissions from the Degradation and Development of Coastal Ecosystems
Juha V. Siikamäki, James N. Sanchirico, Sunny Jardine, David W McLaughlin, Daniel F. Morris
RFF Report | November 2012
The Carbon Footprint of Wood for Bioenergy
Roger A. Sedjo
Resources | 2012 (181)
Blue Carbon: A Potentially Winning Climate Strategy
Juha V. Siikamäki, James N. Sanchirico
Resources | 2012 (181)
REDD+ and Community-Controlled Forests in Low-Income Countries: Any Hope for a Linkage?
Randy Bluffstone, Elizabeth J.Z. Robinson, Paul Guthiga
RFF Discussion Paper EfD 12-11 | October 2012
Comments on EPA’s Proposed Carbon Pollution Standard for New Power Plants
Dallas Burtraw, Arthur G. Fraas, Karen L. Palmer, Nathan Richardson
RFF Discussion Paper 12-31 | July 2012
Flexible Mandates for Investment in New Technology
Dalia Patino Echeverri, Dallas Burtraw, Karen L. Palmer
RFF Discussion Paper 12-14 | March 2012
Related journal article
Setting the Carbon Bar: Measurement, Reporting, and Verification in Bilateral Forestry Agreements
Daniel F. Morris, Anne Riddle
Issue Brief 11-11 | September 2011
Ecosystem Good and Service Co-Effects of Terrestrial Carbon Sequestration: Implications for the US Geological Survey’s Land Carbon Methodology
James W. Boyd, David S. Brookshire
RFF Discussion Paper 11-22 | May 2011
Long-Term Risks and Short-Term Regulations: Modeling the Transition from Enhanced Oil Recovery to Geologic Carbon Sequestration
Alexander Bandza, Shalini Vajjhala
RFF Discussion Paper DP 08-29 REV | July 2010
Assessing Investment in Future Landsat Instruments: The Example of Forest Carbon Offsets
Molly K. Macauley, Jhih-Shyang Shih
RFF Discussion Paper 10-14 | March 2010
The Bioeconomics of Conservation Agriculture and Soil Carbon Sequestration in Developing Countries
Wisdom Akpalu, Anders Ekbom
RFF Discussion Paper EfD 10-07 | March 2010
Managing Climate-Related International Forest Programs: A Proposal to Create the International Forest Conservation Corporation
Nigel Purvis, Raymond J. Kopp, Andrew R Stevenson
Issue Brief 09-07 | June 2009
International Forest Carbon in Congress: A Survey of Key Congressional Staff
Lou Leonard, Raymond J. Kopp, Nigel Purvis
Issue Brief 09-03 | February 2009
Regulating the Geological Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide
Elizabeth J. Wilson, M. Granger Morgan, Jay Apt, Mark Boner, Christopher Bunting, Mark A. De Figueiredo, Jenny Gode, Carlo C. Jaeger, David W. Keith, Sean T. McCoy, R. Stuart Haszeldine, Melisa F. Pollak, David M. Reiner, Edward S. Rubin, Asbjørn Tor
Environmental Science & Technology | April 2008 | Vol. 42, No. 8 | pp. 2718-2722 | Related Discussion Paper 07-13
An International Regulatory Framework for Risk Governance of Carbon Capture and Storage
Shalini Vajjhala, Jenny Gode, Asbjørn Torvanger
RFF Discussion Paper 07-13 | May 2007
Related journal article
Prospects for Carbon Capture and Storage Technologies
Soren T. Anderson, Richard G. Newell
RFF Discussion Paper 02-68 | January 2003
Related journal article
24 items found
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