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Subtopic: Environmental accounting 26 items found
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How Should the World Bank Estimate Air Pollution Damages?
Maureen L. Cropper, Shefali Khanna
RFF Discussion Paper 14-30 | September 2014
The Measurement of Environmental and Resource Values
By A. Myrick Freeman III, Joseph A. Herriges, Catherine L. Kling
RFF Press | June 26, 2014
Comparative Life Cycle Assessments: Carbon Neutrality and Wood Biomass Energy
Roger A. Sedjo
RFF Discussion Paper 13-11 | April 2013
Playing Without Aces: Offsets and the Limits of Flexibility Under Clean Air Act Climate Policy
Nathan Richardson
RFF Discussion Paper 11-49 | December 2011
Setting the Carbon Bar: Measurement, Reporting, and Verification in Bilateral Forestry Agreements
Daniel F. Morris, Anne Riddle
Issue Brief 11-11 | September 2011
The Benefits of Achieving the Chesapeake Bay TMDLs (Total Maximum Daily Loads): A Scoping Study
Maureen L. Cropper, William S. Isaac
RFF Discussion Paper 11-31 | September 2011
The Risk of Ecosystem Service Losses: Ecological Hedging Strategies
James W. Boyd
Resources | Summer 2011 (178)
Economic Analysis at the Federal Communications Commission: A Simple Proposal to Atone for Past Sins
Thomas W. Hazlett
RFF Discussion Paper 11-23 | May 2011
Conditional Cash Transfers and Payments for Environmental Services A Conceptual Framework for Explaining and Judging Differences in Outcomes
Martin Persson, Francisco Alpízar
RFF Discussion Paper EfD 11-06 | May 2011
Ecosystem Good and Service Co-Effects of Terrestrial Carbon Sequestration: Implications for the US Geological Survey’s Land Carbon Methodology
James W. Boyd, David S. Brookshire
RFF Discussion Paper 11-22 | May 2011
Reforming the Tax System to Promote Environmental Objectives: An Application to Mauritius
Ian W.H. Parry
RFF Discussion Paper 11-20 | May 2011
Choice Experiments in Environmental Impact Assessment: The Case of the Toro 3 Hydroelectric Project and the Recreo Verde Tourist Center in Costa Rica
Dora Carías Vega, Francisco Alpízar
RFF Discussion Paper EfD 11-04 | May 2011
Ecosystem Services: Quantification, Policy Applications, and Current Federal Capabilities
P. Lynn Scarlett, James W. Boyd
RFF Discussion Paper 11-13 | March 2011
Valuing Mortality Risk Reductions
Maureen L. Cropper, James K. Hammitt, Lisa A. Robinson
RFF Discussion Paper 11-10 | March 2011
The Porter Hypothesis at 20: Can Environmental Regulation Enhance Innovation and Competitiveness?
Stefan Ambec, Mark A Cohen, Stewart Elgie, Paul Lanoie
RFF Discussion Paper 11-01 | January 2011
The Definition and Choice of Environmental Commodities for Nonmarket Valuation
James W. Boyd, Alan J. Krupnick
RFF Discussion Paper 09-35 | September 2009
Forest Inventories: Discrepancies and Uncertainties
Paul E. Waggoner
RFF Discussion Paper 09-29 | August 2009
Incorporating Resource and Environmental Change in a Nation’s Economic Accounts: Roles for Earth Science Applications
Joel Darmstadter
IB 08-04 | November 2008
Understanding Errors in EIA Projections of Energy Demand
Carolyn Fischer, Evan M Herrnstadt, Richard D. Morgenstern
RFF Discussion Paper 07-54 | November 2008
Related journal article
Environmental Policy, Fuel Prices, and the Switch to Natural Gas inSantiago, Chile
Jessica Coria
RFF Discussion Paper EfD 08-28 | October 2008
26 items found
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