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Subtopic: Fees and Rebates 30 items found
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Belt and Suspenders and More: The Incremental Impact of Energy Efficiency Subsidies in the Presence of Existing Policy Instruments
Sebastien Houde, Joseph E. Aldy
RFF Discussion Paper 14-34 | September 2014
Private Access Fees and Congestion: Is There a Role for Government After All?
Stephen W. Salant, Nathan Seegert
RFF Discussion Paper 14-26 | August 2014
The Initial Incidence of a Carbon Tax across Income Groups
Roberton C. Williams III, Hal Gordon, Dallas Burtraw, Jared Carbone, Richard D. Morgenstern
RFF Discussion Paper 14-24 | August 2014
Explaining the Adoption of Diesel Fuel Passenger Cars in Europe
Joshua Linn
RFF Discussion Paper 14-08 | April 2014
Deficit Reduction and Carbon Taxes: Budgetary, Economic, and Distributional Impacts
Jared Carbone, Richard D. Morgenstern, Roberton C. Williams III, Dallas Burtraw
RFF Report | August 2013
The New CAFE Standards: Are They Enough on Their Own?
Virginia D. McConnell
RFF Discussion Paper 13-14 | May 2013
Deposit-Refund Systems in Practice and Theory
Margaret Walls
Encyclopedia of Energy, Natural Resource, and Environmental Economics, Vol. 3 | J.F. Shogren | Amsterdam: Elsevier | 2013
Progressing to a Fair Carbon Tax: Policy Design Options and Impacts to Households
Daniel F. Morris, Clayton Munnings
Issue Brief 13-03 | April 2013
What Changes Energy Consumption, and for How Long? New Evidence from the 2001 Brazilian Electricity Crisis
Francois Gerard
RFF Discussion Paper 13-06 | March 2013
Climate Policy and Fiscal Constraints: Do Tax Interactions Outweigh Carbon Leakage?
Carolyn Fischer, Alan Fox
RFF Discussion Paper 12-19 | August 2012
Related journal article
The Impact on Japanese Industry of Alternative Carbon Mitigation Policies
Makoto Sugino, Toshi Arimura, Richard D. Morgenstern
RFF Discussion Paper 12-17 | July 2012
California’s New Gold: A Primer on the Use of Allowance Value Created under the CO2 Cap-and-Trade Program
Dallas Burtraw, David W McLaughlin, Sarah Jo F Szambelan
RFF Discussion Paper 12-23 | May 2012
A Preliminary Review of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’s Clean Energy Package
Joseph E. Aldy
RFF Discussion Paper 12-03 | January 2012
Deposit-Refund Systems in Practice and Theory
Margaret A. Walls
RFF Discussion Paper 11-47 | November 2011
New Alternative Compliance Mechanisms for a Clean Energy Standard
Glenn Hurowitz, Samuel Grausz
Issue Brief 11-10 | September 2011
Decarbonizing the Power Sector: Are Feebates Better Than a Clean Energy Standard?
Alan J. Krupnick, Ian W.H. Parry
Resources | Summer 2011 (178)
Cutting Carbon, Take Two: A Brief Guide to Federal Electricity-Sector Climate Policy without Cap-and-Trade
Joshua Linn, Nathan Richardson
Issue Brief 11-09 | July 2011
Is a Clean Energy Standard a Good Way to Move U.S. Climate Policy Forward?
Ian W.H. Parry, Alan J. Krupnick
Issue Brief 11-04 | April 2011
California Industry Impacts of a Statewide Carbon Pricing Policy with Output-Based Rebates
Richard D. Morgenstern, Eric Moore
RFF Discussion Paper 11-05 | February 2011
How Do the Costs of Climate Policy Affect Households? The Distribution of Impacts by Age, Income, and Region
Joshua Blonz, Dallas Burtraw, Margaret A. Walls
RFF Discussion Paper DP 10-55 | January 2011
30 items found
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