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Subtopic: Global Forest Monitoring 11 items found
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Setting the Carbon Bar: Measurement, Reporting, and Verification in Bilateral Forestry Agreements
Daniel F. Morris, Anne Riddle
Issue Brief 11-11 | September 2011
Why We Need Accurate Maps of the World’s Forests
Daniel F. Morris, Molly K. Macauley, Roger A. Sedjo
Resources | Winter 2010 (174)
Assessing Investment in Future Landsat Instruments: The Example of Forest Carbon Offsets
Molly K. Macauley, Jhih-Shyang Shih
RFF Discussion Paper 10-14 | March 2010
From Science to Applications: Determinants of Diffusion in the Use ofEarth Observations
Molly K. Macauley, Joseph Maher, Jhih-Shyang Shih
RFF Discussion Paper 10-03 | March 2010
Related journal article
Forest Measurement and Monitoring: Technical Capacity and “How Good Is Good Enough?”
Molly K. Macauley, Daniel F. Morris, Roger A. Sedjo, Kate Farley, Brent L. Sohngen
RFF Report | December 2009
Measurement and Monitoring of the World’s Forests: A Review and Summary of Remote Sensing Technical Capability, 2009–2015
Matthew Fagan, Ruth DeFries
RFF Report | December 2009
REDD in Design Assessment of Planned First-Generation Activities in Indonesia
Erin Myers Madeira
RFF Discussion Paper 09-49 | December 2009
Forest Carbon Index: The Geography of Forests in Climate Solutions
Adrian Deveny, Janet Nackoney, Nigel Purvis, Mykola Gusti, Raymond J. Kopp, Erin Myers Madeira, Andrew R Stevenson, Georg Kindermann, Molly K. Macauley, Michael Obersteiner
RFF Report | December 2009
Forest Inventories: Discrepancies and Uncertainties
Paul E. Waggoner
RFF Discussion Paper 09-29 | August 2009
Managing Climate-Related International Forest Programs: A Proposal to Create the International Forest Conservation Corporation
Nigel Purvis, Raymond J. Kopp, Andrew R Stevenson
Issue Brief 09-07 | June 2009
Climate Change and Policy Considerations: New Roles for Earth Science
Molly K. Macauley
Issue Brief 09-02 | January 2009
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