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Subtopic: Global Trade 31 items found
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Assessing the Design of Three Pilot Programs for Carbon Trading in China
Clayton Munnings, Richard D. Morgenstern, Zhongmin Wang, Xu Liu
RFF Discussion Paper 14-36 | October 2014
The Hotelling Model with Multiple Demands
Gérard Gaudet, Stephen W. Salant
RFF Discussion Paper 14-21 | July 2014
Using the Tax System to Address Competition Issues with a Carbon Tax
Gilbert E. Metcalf
RFF Discussion Paper 13-30 | October 2013
Competitiveness Impacts of Climate Policy
Juha V. Siikamäki, Clayton Munnings, Jeffrey Ferris
Backgrounder | November 2012
Climate Policy, International Trade, and Emissions Leakage
Juha V. Siikamäki, Clayton Munnings, Jeffrey Ferris, Daniel F. Morris
Backgrounder | November 2012
The Informational Role of Spot Prices and Inventories
James Smith, Rex Thompson
RFF Discussion Paper 12-45 | September 2012
US Forest–Climate Assistance: An Assessment
Michael Wolosin
RFF Report | September 2012
Comparing Policies to Combat Emissions Leakage: Border Tax Adjustments versus Rebates
Carolyn Fischer and Alan K. Fox
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management | September 2012 | Vol. 64, No. 2. | pp. 199–216 | Related Discussion Paper 09-02
Climate Policy and Fiscal Constraints: Do Tax Interactions Outweigh Carbon Leakage?
Carolyn Fischer, Alan Fox
RFF Discussion Paper 12-19 | August 2012
Related journal article
Post-Durban Climate Policy Architecture Based on Linkage of Cap-and-Trade Systems
Matthew Ranson, Robert N. Stavins
RFF Discussion Paper 12-26 | June 2012
The Challenge for Rio+20: Funding
Edward B. Barbier
Resources | 2012 (180)
The Supply Chain and Industrial Organization of Rare Earth Materials: Implications for the U.S. Wind Energy Sector
Jhih-Shyang Shih, Joshua Linn, Timothy J. Brennan, Joel Darmstadter, Molly K. Macauley, Louis Preonas
RFF Report | February 2012
The Fossil Endgame: Strategic Oil Price Discrimination andCarbon Taxation
Jiegen Wie, Magnus Wenlock, Daniel J.A. Johansson, Thomas Sterner
RFF Discussion Paper 11-26 | September 2011
Output-Based Allocation of Emissions Permits for Mitigating the Leakage and Competitiveness Issues for the Japanese Economy
Shiro Takeda, Toshi Arimura, Hanae Tamechika, Carolyn Fischer, Alan Fox
RFF Discussion Paper 11-40 | September 2011
Cost-Effective Unilateral Climate Policy Design: Size Matters
Cristoph Bohringer, Carolyn Fischer, Knut Einar Rosendahl
RFF Discussion Paper 11-34 | July 2011
A Whole-of-Government Approach to Reducing Tropical Deforestation
Michael Wolosin, Anne Riddle, Daniel F. Morris
RFF Discussion Paper 11-28 | July 2011
The Potential Impact on Energy-Intensive Trade-Exposed Industries of Clean Air Act Regulation of GHGs
Richard D. Morgenstern
Resources | Fall (176)
Markets with Untraceable Goods of Unknown Quality: A Market Failure Exacerbated by Globalization
Timothy McQuade, Stephen W. Salant, Jason Winfree
RFF Discussion Paper 09-31 | April 2010
Carbon Policies, Competitiveness, and Emissions Leakage: An International Perspective
Carolyn Fischer, Eric Moore, Richard D. Morgenstern, Toshi Arimura
Conference Summary | April 2010
Reassessing the Oil Security Premium
Stephen P.A. Brown, Hillard G. Huntington
RFF Discussion Paper 10-05 | February 2010
31 items found
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