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Subtopic: Parks, Refuges, and Wildernesses 25 items found
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Is What you See What You Get? The Value of Natural Landscape Views
Margaret Walls, Carolyn Kousky, and Ziyan Chu
Land Economics | February 2015 | Vol. 91, No. 1 | pp. 1-19 | Related Discussion Paper 13-25
Effects of Protected Areas on Forest Cover Change and Local Communities: Evidence from the Peruvian Amazon
Juan José Miranda, Leonardo Corral, Allen Blackman, Gregory Asner, Eirivelthon Lima
RFF Discussion Paper 14-14 | June 2014
Floodplain Conservation as a Flood Mitigation Strategy: Examining Costs and Benefits
Kousky, C. and M. Walls
Ecological Economics | 104 | pp. 119-128 | Related Discussion Paper 13-22-REV
Do Entrance Fees Crowd Out Donations for Public Goods? Evidence from a Protected Area in Costa Rica
Francisco Alpízar, Peter Martinsson, Anna Nordén
RFF Discussion Paper EfD 14-10 | May 2014
Private Funding of Public Parks: Assessing the Role of Philanthropy
Margaret A. Walls
Resources | 2014 (186)
Flooding and Resilience: Valuing Conservation Investments in a World with Climate Change
Carolyn Kousky, Margaret A. Walls, Ziyan Chu
RFF Discussion Paper 13-38 | December 2013
Paying for State Parks: Evaluating Alternative Approaches for the 21st Century
Margaret A. Walls
RFF Report | January 2013
Evaluating the Prospects of Benefit Sharing Schemes in Protecting Mountain Gorillas in Central Africa
Samson Mukanjari, Edwin Muchapondwa, Precious Zikhali, Birgit Bednar-Friedl
RFF Discussion Paper EfD 12-16 | November 2012
State Parks: Assessing Their Benefits
Juha V. Siikamäki
Resources | 2012 (179)
Don’t Tell Me What to Do, Tell Me Who to Follow!: Field Experiment Evidence on Voluntary Donations
Francisco Alpízar, Peter Martinsson
RFF Discussion Paper EfD 10-16 | June 2010
Adaptation to Climate Change in Public Lands Management
Joel B. Smith, William R. Travis
Issue Brief 10-04 | February 2010
Paying the Price of Sweetening Your Donation: Evidence from a Natural Field Experiment
Francisco Alpízar, Peter Martinsson
RFF Discussion Paper EfD 10-06 | February 2010
Conservation Policies and Labor Markets: Unraveling the Effects of National Parks on Local Wages in Costa Rica
Juan Robalino, Laura Villalobos-Fiatt
RFF Discussion Paper EfD 10-02 | February 2010
The State of the Great Outdoors: America's Parks, Public Lands, and Recreation Resources
Margaret A. Walls, Sarah R Darley, Juha V. Siikamäki
RFF Report | September 2009
Current Policy and Legal Issues Affecting Recreational Use of Public Lands in the American West
Jan Stevens, Richard Frank
RFF Discussion Paper 09-23 | July 2009
Parks and Recreation in the United States: Local Park Systems
Margaret A. Walls
RFF Backgrounder | June 2009
Use of Time for Outdoor Recreation in the United States, 1965–2007
Juha V. Siikamäki
RFF Discussion Paper 09-18 | May 2009
Outdoor Recreation, Health, and Wellness: Understanding and Enhancing the Relationship
Geoffrey Godbey
RFF Discussion Paper 09-21 | May 2009
Climate Change and Outdoor Recreation Resources
Daniel F. Morris, Margaret A. Walls
RFF Backgrounder | April 2009
Current Challenges, Funding, and Popularity Trends in Local Parks and Recreation Areas: Responses to a Survey of Park Directors
Margaret A. Walls, Juha V. Siikamäki, Sarah R Darley, Jeffrey Ferris, Joseph Maher
RFF Backgrounder | March 2009
25 items found
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