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Subtopic: Subsidies 42 items found
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A Diagnostic Tool for Estimating the Incidence of Subsidies Delivered by Water Utilities in Low- and Medium-Income Countries, with Illustrative Calculations
Dale Whittington, Céline Nauges, David Fuente, Xun Wu
RFF Discussion Paper EfD 14-20 | November 2014
Belt and Suspenders and More: The Incremental Impact of Energy Efficiency Subsidies in the Presence of Existing Policy Instruments
Sebastien Houde, Joseph E. Aldy
RFF Discussion Paper 14-34 | September 2014
Utilities and the US Energy Revolution: Confronting a Shifting Landscape
Chris Crane
Resources | 2014 (187)
Money for Nothing: The Case for Eliminating US Fossil Fuel Subsidies
Joseph E. Aldy
Resources | 2014 (186)
Explaining the Adoption of Diesel Fuel Passenger Cars in Europe
Joshua Linn
RFF Discussion Paper 14-08 | April 2014
General Equilibrium Impacts of a Federal Clean Energy Standard
Lawrence H. Goulder, Marc Hafstead, Roberton C. Williams III
RFF Discussion Paper 14-02 | January 2014
Environmental and Technology Policy Options in the Electricity Sector: Interactions and Outcomes
Carolyn Fischer, Richard G. Newell, Louis Preonas
RFF Discussion Paper 13-20 | December 2013
The New CAFE Standards: Are They Enough on Their Own?
Virginia D. McConnell
RFF Discussion Paper 13-14 | May 2013
What Changes Energy Consumption, and for How Long? New Evidence from the 2001 Brazilian Electricity Crisis
Francois Gerard
RFF Discussion Paper 13-06 | March 2013
Designing Renewable Electricity Policies to Reduce Emissions
Harrison Fell, Joshua Linn, Clayton Munnings
RFF Discussion Paper 12-54 | December 2012
Related journal article
Policies to Encourage Home Energy Efficiency Improvements: Comparing Loans, Subsidies, and Standards
Margaret A. Walls
RFF Discussion Paper 12-47 | December 2012
U.S. Energy Subsidies: Effects on Energy Markets and Carbon Dioxide Emissions
Maura Allaire and Stephen P. A. Brown
Prepared for The Pew Charitable Trusts | August 2012
Carbon Pricing with Output-Based Subsidies: Impact on U.S. Industries over Multiple Time Frames
Liwayway Adkins, Richard Garbaccio, Mun Ho, Eric Moore, Richard D. Morgenstern
RFF Discussion Paper 12-27 | June 2012
Nudging Boserup? The Impact of Fertilizer Subsidies on Investment in Soil and Water Conservation
Godwin K. Vondolia, Håkan Eggert, Jesper Stage
RFF Discussion Paper EfD 12-08 | June 2012
Urban Growth Externalities and Neighborhood Incentives: Another Cause of Urban Sprawl?
Matthias Cinyabuguma, Virginia D. McConnell
RFF Discussion Paper 12-21 | April 2012
Borrowing to Save Energy: An Assessment of Energy-Efficiency Financing Programs
Karen L. Palmer, Margaret A. Walls, Todd Gerarden
RFF Report | April 2012
A Preliminary Review of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’s Clean Energy Package
Joseph E. Aldy
RFF Discussion Paper 12-03 | January 2012
Deposit-Refund Systems in Practice and Theory
Margaret A. Walls
RFF Discussion Paper 11-47 | November 2011
Evaluating “Cash-for-Clunkers: Program Effects on Auto Sales and the Environment
Shanjun Li, Joshua Linn, Elisheba Beia Spiller
RFF Discussion Paper 10-39-REV | October 2011
Related journal article
The Promise and Problems of Pricing Carbon: Theory and Experience
Joseph E. Aldy, Robert N. Stavins
RFF Discussion Paper 11-46 | October 2011
42 items found
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