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Subtopic: Technology 20 items found
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Environmental and Technology Policy Options in the Electricity Sector: Interactions and Outcomes
Carolyn Fischer, Richard G. Newell, Louis Preonas
RFF Discussion Paper 13-20 | December 2013
A Retrospective Review of Shale Gas Development in the United States: What Led to the Boom?
Zhongmin Wang, Alan J. Krupnick
RFF Discussion Paper 13-12 | April 2013
Earth Observations and Space Strategy
Molly K. Macauley
Space Strategy in the 21st Century | Eligar Sadeh | New York: Routledge | 2013
Policy for Robust Space-Based Earth Science, Technnology, and Applications
Molly Macauley, Molly E. Brown, Vanessa M. Escobar, Josef Aschbacher, Maria Pilar Milagro-Perez, Bradley Doorn and Lawrence Friedl
Space Policy | February 2013 | Vol. 29, No. 1 | pp. 76-82
Prizes, Patents and Technology Procurement: A Proposed Analytical Framework
Timothy J. Brennan, Molly K. Macauley, Kate Whitefoot
RFF Discussion Paper 11-21-REV | December 2012
Tax Reform: Impact on U.S. Energy Policy
Phil Sharp
U.S. Senate Committee on Finance | 6/12/12
The Role of Green Technology Transfer in Climate Policy
David Popp
Resources | 2012 (180)
Flexible Mandates for Investment in New Technology
Dalia Patino Echeverri, Dallas Burtraw, Karen L. Palmer
RFF Discussion Paper 12-14 | March 2012
Related journal article
The Supply Chain and Industrial Organization of Rare Earth Materials: Implications for the U.S. Wind Energy Sector
Jhih-Shyang Shih, Joshua Linn, Timothy J. Brennan, Joel Darmstadter, Molly K. Macauley, Louis Preonas
RFF Report | February 2012
A Preliminary Review of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’s Clean Energy Package
Joseph E. Aldy
RFF Discussion Paper 12-03 | January 2012
The Fossil Endgame: Strategic Oil Price Discrimination andCarbon Taxation
Jiegen Wie, Magnus Wenlock, Daniel J.A. Johansson, Thomas Sterner
RFF Discussion Paper 11-26 | September 2011
RFF Policy Commentary: Climate Change and Agriculture
Wolfram Schlenker
Resources | Summer 2011 (178)
Renewable Energy in Anarctica and the Power of Being Bold: RFF Leadership Forum featuring Robert Swan
Resources | Summer 2011 (178)
Offshore Drilling: Safety and Response Technologies
Molly K. Macauley
House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology Subcommittee on Energy and the Environment | April 5, 2011
Energy Efficiency in the Residential and Commercial Sectors
Maximilian Auffhammer, Alan H. Sanstad
Backgrounder | January 2011
Combining Policies for Renewable Energy: Is the Whole Less than the Sum of Its Parts?
Carolyn Fischer, Louis Preonas
RFF Discussion Paper 10-19 | March 2010
Related journal article
The Effect of Risk, Ambiguity, and Coordination on Farmers’ Adaptation to Climate Change: A Framed Field Experiment
Francisco Alpízar, Fredrik Carlsson, Maria Naranjo
RFF Discussion Paper EfD 09-18 REV | September 2009
Technology Transfer to China to Address Climate Change Mitigation
Takahiro Ueno
Issue Brief 09-09 | August 2009
The Role of Technology Policies in Climate Mitigation
Carolyn Fischer
Issue Brief 09-08 | July 2009
Adapting to Climate Change: The Public Policy Response
James E. Neumann, Jason C. Price
RFF Report | June 2009
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