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Subtopic: Uncertainty 43 items found
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The Economic and Financial Risks of a Changing Climate: Insights from Leading Experts
RFF Report | April 2015
Deep and Shallow Uncertainty in Messaging Climate Change
Roger M. Cooke
RFF Discussion Paper 14-11 | April 2014
A New Era of Disaster Aid? Reflections on the Sandy Supplemental
Carolyn Kousky, Leonard A. Shabman
Issue Brief 13-05 | December 2013
A Dynamic Model of Cleanup: Estimating Sunk Costs in Oil and Gas Production
Lucija Anna Muehlenbachs
RFF Discussion Paper 12-12-REV | December 2013
Flooding and Resilience: Valuing Conservation Investments in a World with Climate Change
Carolyn Kousky, Margaret A. Walls, Ziyan Chu
RFF Discussion Paper 13-38 | December 2013
How Should Benefits and Costs Be Discounted in an Intergenerational Context? The Views of an Expert Panel
Kenneth J. Arrow, Maureen L. Cropper, Christian Gollier, Ben Groom, Geoffrey Heal, Richard G. Newell, William Nordhaus, Robert S. Pindyck, William A. Pizer, Paul R. Portney, Thomas Sterner, Richard S.J. Tol, Martin L. Weitzman
RFF Discussion Paper 12-53 | December 2012
Competitiveness Impacts of Climate Policy
Juha V. Siikamäki, Clayton Munnings, Jeffrey Ferris
Backgrounder | November 2012
Comments on EPA’s Proposed Carbon Pollution Standard for New Power Plants
Dallas Burtraw, Arthur G. Fraas, Karen L. Palmer, Nathan Richardson
RFF Discussion Paper 12-31 | July 2012
The True Cost of Electric Power: An Inventory of Methodologies to Support Future Decisionmaking in Comparing the Cost and Competitiveness of Electricity Generation Technologies
Dallas Burtraw, Alan J. Krupnick, Gabriel Sampson
RFF Report | June 2012
Flexible Mandates for Investment in New Technology
Dalia Patino Echeverri, Dallas Burtraw, Karen L. Palmer
RFF Discussion Paper 12-14 | March 2012
Related journal article
Climate Policy, Uncertainty, and the Role of Technological Innovation
Carolyn Fischer and Thomas Sterner
Journal of Public Economy Theory | March 2012 | Vol. 14, No. 2 | pp. 285-309.
Farmers’ Response to Rainfall Variability and Crop Portfolio Choice: Evidence from Ethiopia
Mintewab Bezabih, Salvatore Di Falco, Mahmud Yesuf
RFF Discussion Paper EfD 11-10 | December 2011
Private Trees as Household Assets and Determinants of Tree-Growing Behavior in Rural Ethiopia
Alemu Mekonnen, Abebe Damte
RFF Discussion Paper EfD 11-14 | December 2011
Climate Policy Design with Correlated Uncertainties in Offset Supply and Abatement Cost
Harrison Fell, Dallas Burtraw, Richard D. Morgenstern, Karen L. Palmer
RFF Discussion Paper 10-01-REV | June 2011
Related journal article
The Challenges of Improving the Economic Analysis of Pending Regulations
Arthur G. Fraas, Randall Lutter
RFF Discussion Paper 10-54 | December 2010
Climate Change Uncertainty Quantification: Lessons Learned from the Joint EUUSNRC Project on Uncertainty Analysis of Probabilistic Accident Consequence Codes
Roger M. Cooke, G.N. Kelly
RFF Discussion Paper 10-29 | May 2010
A Historical Perspective on Energy Policy: A Time of Unusual Change and Uncertainty
Phil Sharp
U. S. Senate Committee on Appropriations Energy and Water Development Subcommittee | April 28, 2010
Climate Policy’s Uncertain Outcomes for Households: The Role of Complex Allocation Schemes in Cap-and-Trade
Joshua Blonz, Dallas Burtraw, Margaret A. Walls
RFF Discussion Paper 10-12-REV | March 2010
Related journal article
The Treatment of Uncertainty in EPA’s Analysis of Air Pollution Rules: A Status Report
Arthur G. Fraas
RFF Discussion Paper 10-04 | February 2010
Related journal article
Attitudes Toward Uncertainty Among the Poor: Evidence from Rural Ethiopia
Alpaslan Akay, Peter Martinsson, Haileselassie A Medhin, Stefan Trautmann
RFF Discussion Paper EfD 10-04 | February 2010
43 items found
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