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Fall 2001 | Resources 145Sign up for Resources magazine

The Environment and the Information Age: The Costs of Coping With Used Computer Monitors
Molly K. Macauley
Karen L. Palmer
Jhih-Shyang Shih
Sarah Cline
Heather Holsinger

Biotechnology in Forestry: Considering the Costs and Benefits
Roger A. Sedjo

Carbon Emission Trading Costs and Allowance Allocations: Evaluating the Options
Dallas Burtraw

In Appreciation- Dr. Hans Landsberg

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Summer 2001 | Resources 144

Drawing Lessons from the California Power Crisis
Timothy J. Brennan

Redesigning Food Safety
Michael R. Taylor
Sandra A. Hoffman

Show Me the Money: Environmental Regulation Demands More, Not Less, Financial Assurance
James W. Boyd

Finding the Funds to Pay for Our Transportation Crisis
Ian W. H. Parry

The Value of Patience and Pragmatism: Interview with Victoria J. Tschinkel

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Spring 2001 | Resources 143

Fighting Antibiotic Resistance: Can Economic Incentives Play a Role?
Ramanan Laxminarayan

Clean Air- Is the Sky the Limit?
Heather L. Ross

Cost- Effective Conservation; A Review of What Works to Preserve Biodiversity
Paul J. Ferraro
R. David Simpson

Forest "Sinks" as a Tool for Climate Change Policymaking
Roger A. Sedjo

Goings On

In Appreciation- Dr. Allen V. Kneese








Winter 2001 | Resources 142

Zero Emissions Vehicles: A Dirty Little Secret
Howard K. Gruenspecht

Climate Change Diplomacy: The Next Step
John W. Anderson

How Much Will People Pay for Longevity?
Alan J. Krupnick

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