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Resources Magazine

Resources is RFF’s flagship magazine, first published in 1959. It highlights feature stories by RFF experts on a variety of environmental, energy, and natural resource issues, and news about ongoing research and public outreach efforts.

Resources is available to individuals and institutions for free. To request a print or email subscription, please complete our online form.

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Resources 170

Fall 2008 | Resources 170

From the President
Phillip R. Sharp

A Job Half-Done: Reform of the U.S. Electricity Sector
Tiffany Clements

Environment for Development: RFF Joins Initiative to Strengthen Green Policies in Developing Countries
Allen Blackman and Gunnar Köhlin

RFF Weekly Commentary Series:
Driving Restrictions and Air Quality in Mexico City
Lucas W. Davis

Why Place Matters In Environmental and Resource Economics
Emery N. Castle

Location, Location, Location: The Geography of Ecosystem Services
James Boyd

The New Cartography of Climate Change
Shalini P. Vajjhala and Janet Nackoney

Crafting a Fair and Equitable Climate Policy: A Closer Look at the Options
Dallas Burtraw, Richard Sweeney, and Margaret Walls

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Resources 169

Summer 2008 | Resources 169

From the President
Philip R. Sharp

Goings On

Meeting Future Energy Needs in the Context of Global Climate Change
Raymond Kopp

An Overview of the Economic Benefits of Cooperatives and Individual Fishing Quota Systems
James. N. Sanchirico

Taking a Closer Look at the Cost of Air and Water Pollution in China
Sandra A. Hoffmann

U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions: What are the Opportunities, At What Price, and Through What Policies?

RFF Weekly Commentary Series:
How Should We Tackle the Forest Fire Problem?
Malik Price

What's the Best Way to Promote Green Power? Don't Forget
the Emissions Price

Carolyn Fischer and Richard G. NewellTrading Approaches on Climate: The Case for "Climate
Protection Authority"

Nigel Purvis
Energy, Environment, and Elections: Mapping Voter Behavior
in 2008
A conversation with Jon Krosnick







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Spring 2008 | Resources 168

Goings On

Auctions and Revenue Recycling under Carbon Cap-and-Trade

Climate Change: Addressing Competitiveness Concerns

RFF Weekly Commentary Series:
The Oil Security Problem
Hillard Huntington 

Managing Costs in a U.S. Greenhouse Gas Trading Program: Workshop Summary
Pennsylvania Environment Secretary Kathleen McGinty

Space as the Canonical "Global Commons": An Introduction to its Economics
Molly K. Macauley

Biodiversity: What it Means, How it Works, and What the Current Issues Are
Juha V. Siikamaki Delivers 5th Annual Landsberg Lecture

Malaria: It's Not Neglected Anymore (But It's Not Gone, Either)
Hellen Gelband

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Fall/Winter 2008 | Resources 167

Goings On

Auction Design for Selling CO2 Emissions Allowances Put to Inaugural Test

At the Intersection of Climate and Deforestation: Can We Solve Two Problems at Once?

What Works when it Comes to Planning for Smart Growth?

Electricity Markets and Energy Security: Friends or Foes?
Timothy J. Brennan



RFF Weekly Policy Commentary Series:
Using the Price System to Reduce Airport Congestion?
Jan K. Brueckner and Kurt Van Dender

Resources for the Future: 2007 Annual Report

Endangered Species: Progress and Pitfalls During Three Decades of Controversy
Michael Bean and Carolyn Fischer

A Recipe to Fight Vitamin A Deficiency in India: Add Mustard and Stir?
Ramanan Laxminarayan, Jeffrey Chow, Eili Klein and Paula Tarnapol Whitacre

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