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Resources Magazine

Resources is RFF’s flagship magazine, first published in 1959. It highlights feature stories by RFF experts on a variety of environmental, energy, and natural resource issues, and news about ongoing research and public outreach efforts.

Resources is available to individuals and institutions for free. To request a print or email subscription, please complete our online form.

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Winter/Spring | Summer

Summer 2011 | Resources 178
Click to read Resources Summer 2011

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Managing Risks and Mitigating Consequences (PDF)
Phil Sharp

Goings On (PDF)

Attitudes Toward Climate Change: Infographic

Weathervane in Brief

RFF Policy Commentary: Climate Change and Agriculture (PDF)
Wolfram Schlenker

How Communities and Countries Can Adapt to Climate Change: An Interview with Mohamed El-Ashry

Renewable Energy in Antarctica and the Power of Being Bold: RFF Policy Leadership Forum featuring Robert Swan

Rising Sea Levels and Coastal Erosion: Policy Options to Help Communities Adapt
James N. Sanchirico

Climate Change in the United States: Expected Environmental Impacts and Necessary Federal Action
Molly K. Macauley and Daniel F. Morris

Investing in Information to Respond to a Changing Climate
Molly K. Macauley

The Risk of Ecosystem Service Losses: Ecological Hedging Strategies
James W. Boyd

Decarbonizing the Power Sector: Are Feebates Better Than a Clean Energy Standard?
Alan J. Krupnick and Ian W.H. Parry

Inside RFF (PDF)

Winter/Spring 2011 | Resources 177

Click to read Resources Winter/Spring 2011

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The Role of Oil in the U.S. Economy: Insights from a Veteran Observer
An interview with Phil Sharp and Nathan Richardson

An Auspicious Moment: Looking for the “Win-Win” Solution
Madeline Gottlieb

Staff Perspectives on Climate Policymaking:

Hindsight And Foresight: Looking Back On Cancun And Forward To Durban
Daniel F. Morris

The Cancun Package: Win Or Fail?
Lynann Butkiewicz

Forget Me Not: The Annual Reminder Of The UNFCCC
J.W. Anderson

Weekly Policy Commentary: Climate Negotiations and International Finance
Nigel Purvis and Andrew Stevenson

Toward a New National Energy Policy
Kristin Hayes

Deepwater Drilling: Recommendations for a Safer Future
Mark A. Cohen

An Economist’s View of the Oil Spill from Inside the White House
Joseph Aldy

Instilling a Stronger Safety Culture: What are the Incentives?
Joshua Linn and Nathan Richardson

Managing the Risks of Deepwater Drilling
Carolyn Kousky

Preventing Offshore Oil Spills
Roger Cooke, Heather Ross, and Adam Stern

Managing Environmental, Health, and Safety Risks: A Closer Look at How Three Federal Agencies Respond
Lynn Scarlett, Arthur Fraas, Richard Morgenstern, and Timothy Murphy

The Next Battle: Containing Future Major Oil Spills
Mark A. Cohen, Molly K. Macauley, and Nathan Richardson

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