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Issues in Water Resource Policy
Series Editor, Ariel Dinar

Books in the Issues in Water Resource Policy series are intended to be accessible to a broad range of scholars, practitioners, policymakers, and general readers. Each book focuses on critical issues in water policy at a specific sub-national, national, or regional level, with the mission to draw upon and integrate the best scholarly and professional expertise concerning the physical, ecological, economic, institutional, political, legal, and social dimensions of water use. The interdisciplinary approach of the series, along with an emphasis on real world situations and on problems and challenges that recur globally, are intended to enhance our ability to apply the full body of knowledge that we have about water resources—at local, country, and international levels.

Series Advisory Committee

Water Policy in the Netherlands

Water Policy in the Netherlands: Integrated Management in a Densely Populated Delta
Stijn Reinhard and Henk Folmer, editors 
June 2009

Water Policy in the Netherlands offers a compelling study of pitfalls and successes within one of the world’s most challenging regions for water governance.  Bringing together contributions from across the technical and social sciences, the book advances the tool of integrated water management for approaching serious environmental challenges including climate change, sea level rise, and increasing soil subsidence.

Water Policy in Australia


Water Policy in Australia: The Impact of Change and Uncertainty
Lin Crase, Editor

Few policy areas in recent history have the attention of the Australian public and polity as much as those relating to water. Water Policy in Australia considers the current policy reform agenda from agricultural, environmental, and cultural perspectives. It presents a comprehensive account of the country's critical water issues and provides expert perspectives from behavioral and institutional economists, engineers, hydrologists, sociologists, and water law specialists.

Water Policy in Arizona

Arizona Water Policy:
Management Innovations in an Urbanizing, Arid Region

Edited by Bonnie G. Colby and Katharine L. Jacobs

This book highlights new approaches that Arizona has pioneered for managing its water needs. The state has burgeoning urban areas, large agricultural regions, water-dependent habitats for endangered fish and wildlife, and a growing demand for water-based recreation. A multi-year drought and climate-related variability in water supply complicate the intense competition for water. Written by well-known Arizona water experts, the essays in the book address these issues from academic, professional, and policy perspectives that include economics, climatology, law, and engineering.


Water Policy in Jordan







Water Resources in Jordan
Evolving Policies for Development, the Environment, and Conflict Resolution

Munther J. Haddadin, Editor

This is the first comprehensive, multi-disciplinary book to address water policy in Jordan. Edited by the former Minister of Water and Irrigation of Jordan, with contributions by other prominent Jordanian and international water professionals, this volume covers such areas as the population-water resources equation in Jordan; institutional and legal frameworks; the data systems used for the assessment and formulation of water policy; water allocations and uses in municipal, industrial, and agricultural sectors; social and environmental issues; and water conflict with Jordan's neighbors.



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