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Promise and Performance of Environmental Conflict Resolution
Rosemary O'Leary and Lisa B. Bingham, Editors
July 2003/351 pp. pages
hardback, ISBN 1-891853-65-1 / $79.00
paperback, ISBN 1-891853-64-3 / $41.95
Table of Contents
Gail Bingham
About the Contributors

Part I

1. The Challenges of Environmental Conflict Resolution

Lisa Bingham, Kirk Emerson, Tina Nabatchi, Rosemary O’Leary, and John Stephens
2. Whose Reality Counts?
Juliana E. Birkhoff and Kem Lowry

Part II
Upstream Environmental Conflict Resolution

3. Dispute Resolution as a Method of Public Participation
Thomas C. Beierle and Jerry Cayford
4. Is Satisfaction Success? Evaluating Public Participation in Regulatory Policymaking
Cary Coglianese

Part III
Midstream Environmental Conflict Resolution

5. Intractable Conflict
Marcia Caton Campbell
6. Achievement of Relationship Change
Tamra Pearson D’Estree
7. Retrospective and Prospective Frame Elicitation
Sanda Kaufman and Barbara Gray
8. Facilitators, Coordinators, and Outcomes
William Leach and Paul Sabatier

Part IV
Downstream Environmental Conflict Resolution at the State and Federal Levels

9. Evaluation of Environmental Dispute Resolution Programs
Andy Rowe
10. An Evaluation System for State and Federal Conflict Resolution Programs: The Policy Consensus Initiative
Kirk Emerson and Chris Carlson
11. State Agency Administrative Mediation: A Florida Trial
Frances Stokes Berry, Bruce Stiftel, and Aysin Dedkorkut
12. Court-Annexed Environmental Mediation: The District of Oregon Pilot Project
Lisa A. Kloppenberg
13. Dispute Resolution at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Rosemary O’Leary and Susan Raines

Part V
Downstream Environmental Conflict Resolution and Outcome Measures

14. The Assessment of Environmental Outcomes
Mette Brogden
15. Economic Characteristics of Successful Outcomes
Bonnie Colby

Part VI

16. Fulfilling the Promise of Environmental Conflict Resolution
Lisa Bingham, David Fairman, Dan Fiorino, and Rosemary O’Leary
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