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Commentary: Getting Past the “Yuck” Factor: Recycled Water in Florida and Other States
Yusuke Kuwayama , Hannah Kamen
Resources | 2015 (189)
Damming the Commons: An Empirical Analysis of International Cooperation and Conflict in Dam Location
Sheila M. Olmstead, Hilary Sigman
RFF Discussion Paper 14-23 | August 2014
Water Resources and Unconventional Fossil Fuel Development: Linking Physical Impacts to Social Costs
Yusuke Kuwayama , Sheila M. Olmstead, Alan J. Krupnick
RFF Discussion Paper 13-34 | November 2013
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Subtopic: Fresh Water 
Water Conflicts and Resolution: Economy vs. Environment?  
March 2, 2011
Event Type: First Wednesday Seminar
Related Topics: Policy and Analysis, Water
Adapting to a Changing Climate: Reforming Institutions and Managing for Extremes 
April 1, 2009
Event Type: First Wednesday Seminar
Related Topics: Climate, Development and Environment, Ecosystems, Policy and Analysis, Water
A New Approach to Reforming the National Flood Insurance Program
Commentary: Adding a federal community flood insurance option could increase coverage, spread risk, and lower premiums, says RFF resident scholar Leonard Shabman.
Adaptation to Climate Change: Preserving Freshwater
Severe drought, flooding, and other extreme weather events are inevitable in a changing climate. A new RFF Report finds this will require the introduction of regional plans to ensure adequate supplies of freshwater for household use, irrigation, fisheries, and recreation.
Coping with Climate Change
Adapting to uncertain climate extremes will challenge traditional regulatory mechanisms. In this seminar, panelists presented a range of options to deal with concerns about ecosystems, forests, oceans, freshwater resources, wildlife, and existing infrastructure.
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Press Releases
Subtopic: Fresh Water 
Impacts of Shale Gas Development on Rivers and Streams
Monday, March 11, 2013
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