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Utilities and the US Energy Revolution: Confronting a Shifting Landscape
Chris Crane
Resources | 2014 (187)
New U.S. Nuclear Generation: 2010–2030
Geoffrey Rothwell
Backgrounder | June 2010
Climate Change Uncertainty Quantification: Lessons Learned from the Joint EUUSNRC Project on Uncertainty Analysis of Probabilistic Accident Consequence Codes
Roger M. Cooke, G.N. Kelly
RFF Discussion Paper 10-29 | May 2010
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The Future of Fuel: Toward the Next Decade of US Energy Policy  
November 28, 2012
Event Type: First Wednesday Seminar
Related Topics: Energy, Climate, Policy and Analysis
The Road to a Low-Carbon Energy Future  
May 12, 2010
Event Type: Policy Leadership Forum
Related Topics: Climate, Electricity, Energy, Policy and Analysis
EPRI 2009 Energy and Climate Change Analysis Update  
September 15, 2009
Event Type: Seminar
Related Topics: Climate, Energy, Electricity, Policy and Analysis
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America’s Nuclear Future: Q&A with RFF President Phil Sharp
RFF President Phil Sharp discusses how recent events in Japan might affect the development of nuclear energy in the United States.
RFF Policy Leadership Forum: John Rowe
The Exelon CEO discussed recent trends affecting the relative cost-effectiveness of different strategies for reducing emissions from the power sector.
Applying Yesterday's Lessons to Tomorrow's Energy Policy
Weathervane: RFF President Phil Sharp testified yesterday before a Senate committe saying that the present energy landscape bears strong resemblance to that of the 1970's.
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