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Multimedia Pollution Regulation and Environmental Performance: EPA’s Cluster Rule
Wayne B. Gray, Ronald Shadbegian
RFF Discussion Paper 15-26 | June 2015
A Retrospective Study of EPA’s Air Toxics Program under the Revised Section 112 Requirements of the Clean Air Act
Arthur G. Fraas, Alexander Egorenkov
RFF Discussion Paper 15-23 | June 2015
The Equilibrium Price Path of Timber in the Absence of Replanting
Stephen W. Salant
RFF Discussion Paper 12-38 | August 2012
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Subtopic: Timber 
Trade and Sustainability of Forest Products: Global Challenges and Opportunities  
November 2, 2011
Event Type: First Wednesday Seminar
Related Topics: Forests, International
U.S. Policy Options for Reducing Tropical Deforestation: What Can be Done?
In a new Discussion Paper, RFF scholars propose a “whole-of-government” approach for slowing and reversing tropical forest loss to engage the full suite of policy levers in the federal government.
The Impact of Climate Change on the Forest Industry
Resources Magazine: In a warmer world, forests will overtake tundra regions and extra carbon could boost production, according to new research.
Why We Need Accurate Maps of the World’s Forests
Resources Magazine: RFF researchers make the case for better forest maps and the space-based technologies that can make them a reality.
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Sedjo, Roger A.
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