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Anthony Paul
Center Fellow
(202) 328-5148
Anthony Paul is the RFF Center for Energy and Climate Economics Fellow and a PhD candidate in the Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering at Johns Hopkins University with advisor Dr. Benjamin Hobbs. Paul received an MS in economics from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, in 2006. He focuses his research on the power sector in the United States and related issues of regulation, economics, and the environment, and is published in a range of economics and energy policy journals. He has been the lead developer of the RFF Haiku Electricity Market Model since its inception in 1998. 
Featured Publications
Complying with EPA's Clean Power Plan: Policy Options for States
Karen L. Palmer, Anthony Paul
Resources | 2015 (189)
A Primer on Comprehensive Policy Options for States to Comply with the Clean Power Plan
Karen L. Palmer, Anthony Paul
RFF Discussion Paper 15-15 | April 2015
A Proximate Mirror: Greenhouse Gas Rules and Strategic Behavior under the US Clean Air Act
Dallas Burtraw, Karen L. Palmer, Sophie Pan, Anthony Paul
RFF Discussion Paper 15-02 | March 2015
Comments to the US Environmental Protection Agency on Its Proposed Clean Power Plan
Dallas Burtraw, Carolyn Fischer, Clayton Munnings, Karen L. Palmer, Anthony Paul, Nathan Richardson, Jhih-Shyang Shih, Roberton C. Williams III
RFF Report | December 2014
The Costs and Consequences of Greenhouse Gas Regulation under the Clean Air Act
Dallas Burtraw, Josh Linn, Karen Palmer and Anthony Paul
American Economic Review: Papers & Proceedings | 104(5) | 557-562 | Related Discussion Paper 14-01
Designing by Degrees: Flexibility and Cost-Effectiveness in Climate Policy
Anthony Paul, Karen L. Palmer, Matthew Woerman
RFF Discussion Paper 14-05 | February 2014
The Costs and Consequences of Clean Air Act Regulation of CO2 from Power Plants
Dallas Burtraw, Joshua Linn, Karen L. Palmer, Anthony Paul
RFF Discussion Paper 14-01 | January 2014
Related journal article
Taxing Electricity Sector Carbon Emissions at Social Cost
Anthony Paul, Blair Beasley, Karen L. Palmer
RFF Discussion Paper 13-23-REV | November 2013
Considering a US Carbon Tax: Frequently Asked Questions
Joseph E. Aldy, Timothy J. Brennan, Dallas Burtraw, Jared Carbone, Carolyn Fischer, Robert Kopp, Molly K. Macauley, Richard D. Morgenstern, Daniel F. Morris, Karen L. Palmer, Anthony Paul, Nathan Richardson, Roberton C. Williams III
Resources | 2013 (Digital Issue)
Reliability in the Electricity Industry under New Environmental Regulations
Dallas Burtraw, Karen L. Palmer, Anthony Paul, Blair Beasley, and Matthew Woerman
Energy Policy | forthcoming | Related Discussion Paper 12-18
View All Related Publications
Economic & Energy Impacts from Maryland's Participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative: Allowance Auction & Energy Efficiency
Anthony Paul
"The Maryland CO2 Budget Trading Program" Stakeholder Meetings | Maryland Department of the Environment | MDE offices, Baltimore, MD | October 15, 2007
Electricity Policy Interactions: Climate, Renewables, and Demand Efficiency
Anthony Paul
36th Annual PURC Conference | PURC (Public Utility Research Center) | University of Florida | February 5, 2009
Haiku Model Results: EMF25 Preliminary
Karen Palmer
2nd Meeting of EMF 25 on Energy Demand | Energy Modeling Forum at Stanford University | Stanford University | April 21, 2009
Paving the Way for Climate Policy: Compensation for Electricity Consumers and Producers under a CO2 Cap and Trade Policy
Karen Palmer
Market Mechanisms and Incentives: Applicaitons to Environmental Policy | EPA National Center for Environmental Economics and National Center for Environmental Research | Washington, DC | April 29, 2009
Haiku: The RFF Electricity Market Model
Anthony Paul and Karen Palmer
Workshop on Energy-Climate modeling Focusing on Regional Impacts and Renewable Generation | Electric Power Research Institute | Washington, DC | October 28, 2010
Supply Curves for Conserved Electricity
Karen Palmer
Seminar at the Climate and Energy Decision Making Center at Carnegie Mellon University | Pittsburge, VA | April 5, 2011
Clean Energy Standards and Electricity Markets
Karen Palmer
American Antitrust Institute Energy Roundtable | American Antitrust Institute | Arlington, Virginia | April 12, 2011
Clean Energy Standards for Electricity
Karen Palmer
Environmental Federalism: Current Issues and Opportunities | Georgetown Center for Business and Public Policy | Washington, DC | May 23, 2011
EPA Greenhouse Gas Regulation: Flexible Performance Standards for Energy Efficiency
Dallas Burtraw and Nathan Richardson
Webinar | Southern Company | August 30, 2011
Modeling a Clean Energy Standard
Karen Palmer
USAEE/IAEE Annual Conference | US Association of Energy Economics | Washington, DC | October 11, 2011
Modeling a Clean Energy Standard
Karen Palmer
seminar at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA), Indiana University | Indiana University SPEA | Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana | October 28, 2011
Electricity System Reliability under Multiple Environmental Policies
Dallas Burtraw
Innovative Solutions to Complex Policy and Management Problems: Air Pollution and Global Warming | Association of Public Policy and Analysis | Washington DC | November 3, 2011
Secular Trends, Environmental Regulations and Electricity Markets
Karen Palmer
Seminar | Georgia Tech | Atlanta, Georgia | April 20, 2012
Sustainability, Energy and Climate: The Role of a Clean Energy Standard
Karen Palmer
USAEE North American Conference | USAEE | Austin, TX | November 5, 2012
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