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Michael Wolosin
Visiting Fellow
Michael Wolosin is a visiting fellow at Resources for the Future. He also directs research and policy work on reducing emissions from global deforestation for Climate Advisers, a strategic consulting firm specializing in U.S. climate change policy, international climate change cooperation, global carbon markets, and climate-related forest conservation.
Featured Publications
US Forest–Climate Assistance: An Assessment
Michael Wolosin
RFF Report | September 2012
A Whole-of-Government Approach to Reducing Tropical Deforestation
Michael Wolosin, Anne Riddle, Daniel F. Morris
RFF Discussion Paper 11-28 | July 2011
International Forest Conservation: A Survey of Key Staff in the 112th Congress
Michael Wolosin, Peter T. Jenkins
Issue Brief 11-05 | May 2011
Models for Demography of Plant Populations
Clark, J.S., D. Bell, M. Dietze, M. Hersh, I. Ibanez, S. LaDeau, S. McMahon, J. Metcalf, E. Moran, L. Pangle, M. Wolosin.
The Oxford Handbook of Applied Bayesian Analysis | A. O’Hagan, M. West | Oxford University Press | 2010
Capturing Diversity and Interspecific Variability in Allometries: A Hierarchical Approach
Dietze, M.C., M. Wolosin, J.S. Clark
Forest Ecology and Management | 2008 | Vol 256, No. 11 | pp. 1939-1948
Tree Growth Inference and Prediction from Diameter Censuses and Ring Widths
Clark, J.S., M. Wolosin, M. Dietze, I. Ibáñez, S. LaDeau, M. Welsh, B. Kloeppel
Ecological Applications | 2007 | Vol. 17 No. 7 | pp. 1942-1953
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US Forest–Climate Assistance: An Assessment
Michael Wolosin
RFF Report | September 2012
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